Windfarm madness etc.

Today Little Nicky commented on:

Wind farm on historic Lewis: Just say no!
The plan to put a giant windfarm on an area of ecologically sensitive peat moss on the Isle of Lewis is just plain crazy and reeks of corporate opportunism railroading politicians who have far too many crises going on and not a clue how to deal with any of them.

McCain Anger Management Issues
John McCain has problems conrolling his temper. Do we want to put the finger of such a man on the red button?

Is child abuse OK for followers of crackpot cults
The enclosed compound built by the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints has been raided, a number of girls and young women removed for their own safety and a number of “elders” (all of the willie wearing gender) arrested for child abuse.
What makes these loonies think a 50 year old man shagging a thirteen year old girl is any more acceptable if it is done “in the sight of God,” than if it is done in a brothel.

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