Scientists Announce Another Breakthrough in Hogwash

It is a while now since Little Nicky featured the idiocies of the boy scientists, come to that is a while since Little Nicky did very much of anything. My warm and caring relationship with the serried ranks of scientific fuckwits was always popular though so no surprise perhaps that the blog resumes regular activity with a post of another science scam, a crude and inept attempt to spread fear and panic in order to railroad the government into pumping huge amounts of money into attempts to create human / animal hybrid embryos.
The scientists misrepresent their case as always, suggesting that hybrid embryo research is somehow an essential part of the stem cell research program. It is not. Stem cell research, while raising some complex ethical questions does hold out the hope of leading to successful preventative therapies (no cures, please note) for a number of serious diseases and conditions. Creating hybrids offers nothing more than intellectual games for expensively educated idiots who, deprived of their sinecures in ancient Universities, would be terminally unemployable.
As Parliament prepares to debate the issue “scientists” have sought to obfuscate the issue by announcing a totally bogus “breakthrough” in the search for a treatment for Parkinson’s disease.
The boy – scientists behinds this, whose enthusiasm for all things scientific completely obliterates their capacity for self criticism, tell us they have developed a new technique to extract skin cells from the tails of mice with Parkinson’s disease, remove the nuclei from these cells and inject them into egg cells from which the nuclei have been removed…..hang on? Mice with effing Parkinson’s disease? How do we know a mouse has Parkinson’s disease?
People who have Parkinson’s disease tend to tremble a lot. Mice, the wee cowering select Tim’rous beasts of Robert Burns’ poem, tremble a lot. What is a symptom in people who have Parkinson’s disease is perfectly natural in mice, the nature of the beast as it were.
I’m being sarcastic of course, in order to highlight how the boy – scientists disguise the bogus nature of their claims. Read about the Parkinson’s disease “breakthrough” and we find it is hedged around with words and phrases like maybe, might, perhaps, possibly, at some point in the future, after further investigation.
This of course is the language of thousands of “scientific breakthroughs”; in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and the common cold.
Somehow, despite the millions of taxpayers money pumped into “further research” seldom produces any benefit to patients.
In the academic world these breakthrough stories may pass for science, in the real world such techniques are known as “flying a kite.”

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4 thoughts on “Scientists Announce Another Breakthrough in Hogwash

  1. I thought you could get stem cells from the nose, if not other places too, umbilical chords for instance. I’m probably missing a point, but if there is a way of producing stem cells without the artificial creation and consequent destruction of a foetus, surely it would make sense to just get on with it using what’s readily available. Playing, as you say. Mind you, I don’t know exactly what the foetus thing’s about, maybe not just to create stem cells?


  2. We always have to be sceptical about the claims of scientists. Look at the £millions of taxpayers money that was poured into the Dolly the Sheep project just because the boys in some University wanted to be first to clone a sheep.

    What they failed to consider in their “science” is sheep are very competent at reproducing without our meddling.


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