The BigMacization of Education.

What is going on in our world, what kind of madmen are running things and how stupid do they think we are? In house training courses run by MacDonalds and other global corporations being recognised as official qualifications? Its bollocks. I can only suggest the thinking behind it is leading to the taxpayer being asked to pick up the tab for funding MacDonald College of Burgerology.
This latest idiocy is another effect of the failure of progressive education policies. There is nothing wrong with “vocational qualifications” as we must now call them, in fact until Margaret Thatcher, The Gorgon of Grantham set about destroying everything good in society and turning the nation into a vast pawnshop, vocational qualifications, education related to the chosen job, were the mainstay of further education. Not everyone flourishes in an academic environment and as Aristotle put it, “what we have to do we learn by doing.”
Thus catering trainees, engineering workers, plumbers, electricians, construction trades, office staff, hairdressers and people learning every other trade and skill could take advantage of day release courses to further their formal education while learning “on the job” simultaneously. What they got from their courses, apart from a good skive one day a week, was a formal qualification that opened up career opportunities within their industry and showed a level of achievement should they wish to change course later. I knew many people who, having served an apprenticeship and obtained a Higher National Diploma, went on to University education and benefited from having acquired practical skills that enabled them to distinguish between useful information and bullshit when considering theory. Others simply made use of their Diploma, a worthwhile qualification in itself.

But an A level in Burger flipping? It’s hard to see that leading anywhere.

5 thoughts on “The BigMacization of Education.

  1. Did not “vocational qualifications” used to be called apprenticeship that young boys entered into and learned a skill that would last them a life time …or was that just something I read in a book once

    I am of down the local chippy next week as rumour has it they are doing a NVQ in chip shop batter…should get me into uni as a mature student…I can get my degree in total bollocks


    1. There are degres in talking bollocks (usually referred to as philosophy) but I never heard of a BA in total bollocks before.

      Did your NVQ in chip shop batter include a module on deep fried Mars Bars BTW?


      1. That’s been taken out of the curriculum due to the “Elf & Safety” but you can gain extra merits by learning the chip shop vocab…..”arf a cod n chips” …”Smokey n ends”…..I will get there in the end once I have my NVQ (Not Very Qualified) I was hoping for an interview at Cambridge. Kings college bollocks


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