A Society in Decay

We have commented many times on the breakdown of society and the very visible symptoms in the streets of our towns and suburbs. The astounding revelations this week as the murderers of Gary Newlove were sentenced prove another example.

For all this the Government keeps trotting out its fraudulent statistics showing that crime is actually falling and certain bossy, meddlesome middle class harridans (yes I do mean you Polly Toynbee, get over your schoolgirl crush on Tony Blair and open your eyes to reality.)

The guilt tripping middle class socialists of Nu-Labour are quick to excuse the violent minority on our streets, to blame parents, political extremists, the consumer society etc. (and I have to say it is pretty rich to read comments written by a Chelsea Tractor driving media millionaire blaming consumerism for society’s ills as if the problem is nothing to do with them,) they will blame anybody but the thugs and scumbags who perpetrate such random acts of violence as we hear of every day.
The finger pointers of the right like to blame single parent families, the failure of the justice system, the nanny state, all the usual targets of the right.
Nobody ever thinks to blame the evil little shits who are responsible.

It is not the consumer society that causes these outrages, nor is it single parent families. Many single parents bring their children up well. It is not lack of male role models: it is lack of positive male role models and the failure of society to give out a clear message that everybody is free within the law, but step out of line and there will be consequences. For most people than message hardly needs to be given, the majority know instinctively where the lines are drawn. But a few, like the thugs who murdered Gary Newlove, are quick to exploit the stupidity of the guilt-tripping middle-class socialists in engineering laws that give more “rights” to the criminal than the victim. Ask them to stop trashing your car or vandalising your garden and the mantra is, “Why should we, what are you going to do about it? we know our rights.”

We need not feel guilty abot punishing these people, they do not come from poor homes, thus being victims of society, they come from uncaring homes and thus are victims of their parents. And if the thought in their heads when they murder, maim and destroy is not, “This is wrong,” but “there will be no consequences, I’ll only get an ASBO,” then they deserve to face the wrath of society.

The sooner the better.

12 thoughts on “A Society in Decay

  1. Oh yes, let’s send all the little bastards to Siberia, along with their negligent parents.

    I blame parental self-indulgence. Children, like dogs, need to know where their boundaries are. To an extent I also blame the nanny state for encouraging children to believe that the world owes them a living and they cannot fail anything.


  2. Let all those who will become victims of crime this year write to the government, threatening to sue for gross negligence if they don’t act immediately before the crime happens


  3. Well said, Ian. But it’s not just the ‘evil little s****’ that I blame – it’s those whom we pay to protect us (government, judiciary and senior police) who are happy to take the money but have abdicated all responsibility for actually doing anything.


    1. I’m full of surprises. Last year I guested on Justin Brierley’s show on Premier Christian Radio with my Chistian friend Jenni Hutchinson ( ViEiRa in my friends list)I was suggesting ways the church might get itself back into a mainstream role in society. They would have to dump the OT and anything to do with homophobic woman-hater Paul of course, and maybe reinvent Jesus as a less wussy character…

      If I can find the link and the audio is still online I’ll send you details.


  4. There will always be “bad elements” in society. They must be dealt with severely – no PC pussyfooting around, as it were.
    Otherwise they will go on to repeat their barbaric behaviour pattern on other innocent victims ad nauseum.


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