Don’t Be Evil, That’s Facebook’s Job.

Ask anybody about a year ago “Which website is the evil empire,” and they would have said Google. But things are changing.

Some time ago, after being invited to join Facebook by one of my contacts from here, I posted a blog on the subject of how pointles the site is. There were already rumours about the more sinister aspects of Facebook, their intrusive gathering and publishing of personal data, their plans to sell members proflies and information on online activity to advertisers and a general disregard for the ethics of business.

Since that post was made, more information has been leaking out about Facebook’s dubious business methods and the connection their founder and financial backer has with certain neocon and it would not be exaggerating to say neofascist right wing organisations in the USA.

It is all pretty unpleasant. But you don’t have to take my word for it, read With Friends Like These, a damning analysis of the Facebook culture. Its a long artcle and scarey stuff, but its worth the effort.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Be Evil, That’s Facebook’s Job.

  1. I’m getting sick to death of Facebook. Although there are some elements of it I enjoy (well, one actually, and that’s Scrabulous) I find I’m getting increasingly stressed by it. Just now I have 4 hugs to deal with, 92 other requests and 61 notifications. Just when am I supposed to deal with all this. I can’t log in to it at work and wouldn’t want to.

    If I don’t respond to people I feel mean.

    To cap it all I’m now being stalked by a randy Norwegian.

    I think I’m going to have to delete my account as it’s only going to get worse.


    1. Bad News, I had one quick look round Facebook and decided it wasn’t for me. Unfortunately you cannot delete your account, but only make your profile page invisible. They still have your profile and still gather info on your online activities.

      Best way to stop them is empty your cookies folder and then don’t login again. Every time you loging you will reload the cookie if it has been deleted.

      I keep my profile simply so I can look in and see what they are up to. It may become a causus belli for Little Nicky Machiavelli 🙂


      1. Ooh the cunning evil bastards! Thank you for the info. Yaari is another site to beware of – even after allegedly deleting my account (and I can no longer log in) I’m still getting messages from young Asian passport hunters.


    1. Stay away from social netweorking sites and you will be more or less OK. Facebook are far and away the worst offenders but any site whose avowed aim is to persuade people to abandon real socialising like going to the pub or playing sport in favour of interacting with virtual friends via a computer network cannot be a healthy thing.


  2. I must agree. There was a program on BBC2 about this very topic.
    The bottom line is you get nothing for nothing in this world, some of us know it some don’t and when you tell them that don’t you are called a balshy cunt.Anyway nice post


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