The World Catches Up At Last

For most of the first two years of Little Micky Machiavelli’s blog the staple diet was politics, specifically the dishonesty, duplicity and malfeasance of Blair’s New Labour Project as they heaped betrayal on deception, deceit on sleaze to abandon every principle the Labour movement had ever held, hoping to trade on the well respected name as they became the party of big business and big money.

sometimes the blog was ridiculed, sometimes I was insulted, threatened, and accused of being a closet Tory (only by people who had not read my views on Margaret Thatcher of course) And towards the end I was accused of being a one trick pony.

At last the world is catching up. John Pilger writes here of how Blair and Brown’s Labour Party finished the job Thatcher began, the destruction of everything good and decent the Labour movement and their Liberal fellow travellers, Gladstone and Lloyd-George, had ever built in this country.

Read here how liberal Britain was destroyed over the last ten years by New Labour

11 thoughts on “The World Catches Up At Last

  1. That guy is so wrong it’s unbelievable. But what do you expect from the guardian.

    It’s common for people to claim that Blair is a continuation of Thatcher but it ain’t true. They are completely different animals.

    Consider just Tax and Freedom of Speech

    Tax – Thatcher managed to stop the ever increasing tax take and would like to have cut it, under Labour the tax take has mushroomed. (most lost on public sector wage inflation)

    Freedom of speech – we now have special laws determining what speech is / is not approved based on race, age, sexual orientation, religion – and it was guardian readers that screamed for this legislation – and now this dolt is complaining that “Britain is now a centralised single-ideology state”

    The author’s real problem is his underlying assumption that the good things in life – freedom, wealth, social mobility, good public services etc. naturally come from a socialist government. The truth (as he points out himself) has been the opposite.

    Increasing debt, decreasing wealth.

    Solidification of class structures, slowing social mobility.

    Higher taxes, less personal wealth

    Ever more legislation to codify every aspect of society and the infrastructure to monitor it.

    ** but this is what any sane person would expect from a socialist government **

    It has nothing to do with Maggie T whatsoever.


    1. The tax take under Thatcher only decreased because so many people were out of work. Deregulation of the finance markets was responsible for the recession of the early nineties and the slump we are heading into now.

      And of course the current housing crisis is down to the selloff of social housing. Maggie has a lot to answer for.

      In many towns near where I live if you went into a pub and spoke of “What a lot of good Maggie did for the country” you would leave in an ambulance. No kidding … and its worse over in Yorkshire and up in the North East.


    2. “It’s common for people to claim that Blair is a continuation of Thatcher”

      Including Blair himself. It’s worth noting that the Thatcher cabinet only cut income tax while increasing all non-means-tested taxes as far as was possible including VAT, one of the first things they did. Of course, I can’t quite claim she did it twice as it was Major who made the further 2.5% increase.

      Then of course there was all the privatisation which allowed for immediate tax cuts which had to be reworked when the oh-so-efficient private companies turned up with the begging bowls just expecting to be fished out of every cock-up they made instead of being declared bankrupt and taken over as happens to businesses which have to operate in the real world when they balls it all up.

      Tax money hasn’t been going on inflated government wages, the staff levels have been cut 3% year on year with no regard to staffing requirements (hence all the lost data recently). What the money has been going on is PPP, iSoft cockup after iSoft cockup, BAE protectionism, Northern Rock, billions of pounds ensuring American profit in Iraq and the NHS paying more than anywhere else in Europe for medicines even excluding all that homoeopathy bollocks they insist on having while the widely recognised (at least in Germany) toxicology goes ignored

      At least in PPP they’re upfront that huge amounts of tax money goes straight into private pockets for unfinished projects, but there’s the reintroduction of incompetent software companies implementing security so bad I could do better with my my hands up my arse and further deregulation of the financial markets to the point where £24Billion is required to bail out just one company whose shareholders are whinging, not about the causes of the problem, but that they might not get any dividends for three years if Branson takes over. ‘But it was valued at £6Billion a year ago’. Really? Well it’s now valued at £30Billion less than that now so shut up.

      Of course, I don’t suppose I need to go into the Student Finance Company (government owned with 4.8% interest lest we forget), an ever increasing and bewildering variety of fines, the mullering of the Legal Aid system, the cancellation of public transport subsidies or the introduction of an increased variety of faith-based schools as a mechanism with which to offload some of the financing of education onto religious groups.

      Thatcherite all the way really.

      All we need now is another London Ambulance System Fuckup style incident and it’ll be just like the eighties all over again. New Model Army just released a new album, the Police are on tour and Fairytale of New York is in the charts. I don’t suppose Star Wars is on this week is it?


      1. Thanks for that Paul, full of good points. Now I have more orless finished with boy scientists (having made it clear that I am not anti-science at all) I will be getting back to politics more but have been suffering from a bit of blog fatigue these last few weeks.

        2008 sees the election for London mayor so I will be getting on King Kenute’s case and bashing Boris. Unfortunately there does not seem to be a worthy candidate available.

        Remember that old Richard Pryor film Brewster’s millions where he screws and election up by persuading everybody to vote for “none of the above?” Pity we cannot do that in our electoral system isn’t it?


      2. Well, it’s been tried with No Candidate Deserves My Vote and Captain Sensible’s Blah! Party. Can’t say I’ve seen a lot of impact.

        Sadly I think it’s one of those things which could only ever happen in the wonderful world of films. What hope is there now that Screaming Lord Sutch is dead? On top of that there’s there desultory lack of coverage in any news program of any political party outside the main two which leaves the majority of people unable to even name the first person in the front bench of the Liberal Democrats (or, quite often, the leader. Nick Clegg in case anyone’s wondering) as Labour and Tory spokesmonkeys are brought on to every news program on every single issue while representatives from other parties are quietly ignored.

        Still, it’s depressing how easy it was to pull such a long list off the top of my head without any need to reference any newspapers, forgetting entirely about the closure of blood-banks, tax-free Russian Billionaires or the ever increasing cost of the 2012 Olympic Stadium, license-plate tracking cameras or the comically expensive ID cards which are still expected to be rammed down our throats after the debacle of 10 year passports with RFID chips only guaranteed for two years and a home office staff that wouldn’t know the Data Protection Act if it slapped them with a wet kipper.


      3. Including Blair himself

        He is just trying to flatter himself!!

        The tax burden IS RISING under labour — uk tax burden as a percentage of GDP
        1997 – 35.0%, 2006 – 37.4%

        Public sector employment HAS INCREASED as a percentage of resident population 1999 – 8.9%, 2005 – 9.7%

        The Public Sector employment cuts are recent and SMALL – The current reductions will not even dent the huge increase in Public Sector employment since 1997. See the latest ONS stats to get a feel for what I mean.

        ONS Public Sector Employment

        But I digress, Although Thatcher was good, she was not extreme enough. What this country needs is a genetic clone of Thatcher with a rocket up her ass, ‘cos you know, I don’t want taxes cut – I want them SLASHED. I want a single rate income tax at 16% like Hong Kong. And only 6 months of welfare.


      4. I think you are trying to wind us up semafu.

        When you mention public sector employment under Thatcher and now you are not comparing like with like. Thatcher’s government transferred work from public to private sector by simply privatising the provision of many public services.
        After a while the National Audit Office got wise to this and included those working for private companies providing public services as public sector workers. So if fact throughout the almost thirty years of Blatcherism the number employed in the provision of public services and paid either directly or indirectly by the taxpayer has steadily increased.

        So you want 16% flast rate tax like Honk Kong. Well OK, let’s become a semi autonomous offshore dependency of China then. Because most of China’s foreign exchange revenue is channelled through Hong Kong it enjoys a priveleged status as a capitalist enclave protected and subsidised by the socialist mother state. Find a nice, benign socialist mother state to take us under its wing and you may get your wish. But you will lose everything that ever made you British.

        So what else have we to thank Thatcher for? How about:
        the failing education system – schools are not businesses and cannot be run as such.
        the failing health system – once a beacon for the world; now medical professsionals in enlightened socialist democracies refer to British healthcare as being in the dark ages, though we have not yet got to the state of affairs they have in America. People may die on trolleys in hospital corridors here, but they don’t die in the street because their private health insurance does no cover an ambulance ride to the nearest overworked, overcrowded charity hospital.
        The Housing Crisis, the second in less than twenty years and both directly the result of Thatchers incompetent and insane deregulation of the banking system. Building Societies used by law to have to cover their loans with hard assets, they could not class money owed as an asset and could not borrow in the finance markets to lend.

        Thanks to the economics of insanity promoted by Milton Friedman and adopted in Britain and America, both economied are now fucked, our credit as nations and individuals is maxed out and our countries have nowhere to go except into recession.

        I think your comments are more to do with rebelling against your wise and rational Dear Old Dad than based on any rational economic position. You want to know where Thatcherism leads? Read up on The South Sea Bubble. Or visit any Banana Republic.

        On the other hand if you want economic enlightenment just keep reading Little Nicky Machiavelli.


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