America’s Evangelist Candidate Shoots Himself In The Foot.

The rising star of the religious right as America winds up for the start of its year long election process, Rev. Mike Huckabee looked to be taking the religious right constituency of the Midwest by storm. Until that is, Arianna Huffington reminded us of how sleazy religious republicans can be.
Dodgy Donor, Cash for Honours, forget it. These guys make our lot look like amateurs.

Read Arinanna’s article at Huffiungton Post as she describes how the latest spokesman for The Moral Majority used his influence to obtain early release for a contact convicted of violent rape.

Just the type of guy we hoped would have his finger on the nuke trigger for the next few years.

8 thoughts on “America’s Evangelist Candidate Shoots Himself In The Foot.

    1. it seems that way. America did not turn against Mitt Romney for tying his dog, in its kennel, to the roof of his car and driving 150 miles, but they have turned on him for being a very secular mormon. Wheras they are lapping up Huckabee (whose name says it all really) out in the midwest.


  1. I remember trying to explain once (to a doorstep Jehovah’s Witness) that God was a walnut inside case number 37 in the Bath Antiques Market….
    Maybe I should run for president….? 🙄

    Nah – too sane by half!


    1. I have tried to explain this on my page at U.S. site Gather. A lot of people get upset and tell me I have no right to question people’s beliefs. They cannot see that my right to question people’s beliefs is just as precious as people’s right not to have their beliefs questioned.


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