Little White Lies and Big Brown Lies

Politicians tell lies; its not big news, just part of what politics is about. We all tell lies. “I had to work late darling,” “It was a bargain, reduced in the sale,” “the cheque is in the post,” “of course I love you,” “no your bum doesn’t look big in it, its perfect.” Little white lies intended to keep us out of trouble or spare peoples’ feelings. Politicians little white lies can turn into big purple lies though. “I did not have sex with that woman,”
Now there is a new colour of lie, big Brown lies. A big Brown lie is about promising one thing and doing the opposite. And then denying there is a contradiction.
“We must reduce carbon emissions by 50% over the next thirty years.”
“If Heathrow Airport in not expanded British businesses will not be able to compete.”
No contradiction there of course, a new generation of emission free jets could be just around the corner.
“This government will put the welfare of workers foremost.”
“We must relieve business of the burden of health and safety restrictions.”
Yeah, right.
“To enjoy the benefits of citizenship people must accept the responsibilities that go with it.”
“We must not drive away the wealth creators with heavy taxes.”
OK, so if someone is rich enough to qualify for non-domiciled status, tax is voluntary.

Then there is the loony plan to force the return to the workplace of severely disabled people like me and bendygirl, author of the excellent “benefit scrounging scum” blog (guaranteed to attract Daily Mail Readers and give them a glimpse of what it is like to be disabled in the bureaucratic dictatorship that is 21st century Britain.
The draft of this plan proposes people who can walk two hundred yards or get around in a wheelchair and can use a computer can hold down a job. Well I can walk two hundred yards. Then not so far the next time. Then the third time my brain starts to shut down. Its not a stereotypical after effect of strokes, but people who have had strokes tend to differ so widely. I would love to be able to work but were I to do so my quality of life would disappear. Still I would be a productive economic unit.

Things like the quality of life for disabled people do not matter to the government, the only things that matter are the votes of the fifty thousand or so floating voters in Nimbyland marginal constituencies who will swing the next election.

The Prime Minister does not care about fairness or justice, only about getting re-elected. So for the next two years at least you can expect big Brown lies and their consequences to become a part of your daily life.

6 thoughts on “Little White Lies and Big Brown Lies

  1. We are definitely finding the same thing in Canada with Harper. He’s been in office for a little over a year now and frankly is a very scary person in my humble opinion. He obviously does not care one bit about people – only about his plan.

    I do believe you are correct about most politicians. They go in believing they can “save the world” and within a short time have become corrupted by the system they are working for. What surprises me is how quickly the politicians become brainwashed by the government machine.


  2. its not as simple as that. they not gonna shot us all back to work and get everyong working.
    the severely disabled wont be asked to work and wil continue to receive benefit.
    its down to the doc assessing you who decides what severly disabled is.
    yes they have the ticky box test of all the movements etc you can do and you need 15points to pass but they talk to you in depth before they get to taht bit about your condition plus your gp and consultant notes will be included.

    i had my incap medical last month.iv been on it 2 years but was called up to have it reviewed even tho my conditn hasnt changed. i was only in their 5mins before the doc told me to go home and that he wasnt gonna do the test cos its obvious i cant work and then i recieved it indefinatly.

    so its not gonna be as harsh as what people are making out.

    its to get people working who are capable of workn and so it should be. it makes me sck that people are able to work and they use disability as an excuse not to. im not talking about people who are too sick too often to work, im talking about people who can work and most time its just finding the right job for their needs and having the support in place.

    it kills me that i cant work. i spent 4 years at uni, 20k student debt, i worked so hard to get that far against the doctos advice to go to uni. and after all that im told il prob never work n my life cos of my conditions.

    to know there are people out there who are sitting at home living off incapacity becose they broke their knee 5 years ago, or they are a wheelchair user but in the right job with the legally required support in place are able to work. it just anoys me.registered blind people get incapcity if they CHOOSE to stop working. theres nothing about blindness thqt stops you doing a job its the prejudcies of the employers that are the problem. there are blind people working really tough hard jobs and there are others who wont work but instead of being on jobseekers like other people who quit work they get put straqight on incap cos they blind.

    iv never claimed icapacity for my visual impairent becuase its not preventng me from working. its the other stuff that stops me been able to work.

    also disabled people have been campaigng for years for equality. yeah its not right that the severyle disabled have to go through the process. but we cant have it both ways. we cant ask fro equality but then say ‘thats great but is it ok if your not as tough on us to go to work and pay taxes like able bodiied people do’

    sorry not ranting at you. iv just had this discussing with someone else and im still ranting at them in my head lol


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