The Pissed Parishoners of Harrogate

You would be forgiven for thinking Harrogate, Yorks, is a sleepy spa town with the faded elegance of its Georgian Architechture and inhabitants slipping into genteel decay. Such is the image presented in novels and TV drama. They and you are wong however. Its all happening in Harrogate according to the government’s latest healthcare health scare.
Gangs of pissed up middle aged people and pensioners are roaming the streets scaring the shite out of teenagers who only want to enjoy a quiet bingw with their mates.
The Government has named Harrogate as one of the centres of “hazardous drinking.” This is not binge drinking or even alcoholism, but the civilised, quiet, responsible consumption of a glass or two of wine with dinner. Such behaviou puts you at risk according to Super Nanny State. Hazardous Drinking in Harrogate is a bigger threat than obesity or climate change you might think. Do not get involved, you will be at risk!

At risk of what? Getting a life? Having something that too closely resembles fun? Aiding and abetting the Euro rats of Brussels in their effort to undermine British sovereignty?

All us affluent, middle aged people must up our alcohol consumption now in order the nip this in the bud. If we fail to do so, what innocent pleasures will they target next?

Depravity in Devonshire?

Group sex in Guildford?

3 thoughts on “The Pissed Parishoners of Harrogate

  1. This obsessive interest in the minutiae of other people’s lives by government ought to worry us a lot more. It’s one of the things that makes me pessimistic as I get older, because we seem to accept so much rubbish.

    Well I’m off to open a bottle of wine. I don’t drink and drive – but I do drink and eat. :))


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