Calling All Poets – Poetry Life And Times Joins Us Here

I can’t seem to find time to get on top of Little Nicky Machiavelli’s blog just now, so I will use it to introduce to shy poets on my friends list (and I know you are there Ros, Banana, Lee, Msfullphat, LaSpice, Shaz the Prole and others) the arrival at of Britains foremost online poetry mag, Poetry Life and Times

If you want a recommendation my friend Sugarburn has already been published in PLT and will tell you it doesn’t hurt a bit.

Visit the page, Meet editor Robin Ouzman Hislop, sign him up as a friend and join the PLT gang.

See you there.

7 thoughts on “Calling All Poets – Poetry Life And Times Joins Us Here

  1. Ah yeah, I forgot to warn, Robin is part Spanish and his partner Amparo is Spanish but as a languages professer at Sheffield Uni. is totally fluent in English. If you look down the blog you will find links to submission guides etc.

    Sorry ‘ bout that, I’m well into writing complex server-side code for my website at the moment.



      1. As I said to Leed, Robin and his partner Amparo are both multi lingual. They edit a Spanish poetry mag as well as the English one. If you look at the page you will find content in both English and Spanish plus links to Poetry Life and Times.

        Sorry I did noy warn of that in the original post.


    1. Don’t worry about it, Robin and Amparo are alwaysd looking for new poets if you are interested. And I will be looking for fistion and non fiction writers when I get a couple of programming glitches sorted on Greenteeth Multi Media. Anyone who contributes can have a page for their poems too.



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