Cancer Schmancer

After my recent bust ups with medical scientists I’m only too happy to link to an article at Huffington Post – Cancer Schmancer, one woman’s story of how she has formed a support group to help women who have been failed by the incompetence and laziness of “medical scientists” (or doctors to you and me) and make them learn that people are all different, inconveniently, irritatingly, unscientifically different.

Just because there is no “scientific” evidence that some people are better equipped to fight cancer than others, it is not acceptable to ignore the empirical evidence to say it is not so.

If you recall the original controversy was started by my suggesting the medical establishment were afraid to have an open debate on the MMR / Autism issue, you might like to take a look at this post from Ginger Taylor, an American mother of an autistic child. She shares many of my concerns about the basic honesty of the healthcare industry. And she finds their assurances that lay people like us cannot understand because we are “not scientists” utterly unconvincing as well.

2 thoughts on “Cancer Schmancer

    1. Having been marginally involved in changing the medical perception of the recovery potential in survivors of serious strokes I appreciate just how right you are.


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