Is The Internet Making Us All Stupid

A few days ago Nanny Ogg asked why everybody on her friends list is turning to private posts.

There are many possible reasons, this host is attracting more social networkers than wannabee writers, the general badtemperedness and ill manners encountered in the blogosphere, the fact that to be visible we have to post about twenty times a day?

All in all blogging is not fun anymore for the fun blogger. The internet is close to becoming a failed technology.

The problem is Web2, this undefined entity that allows the emotionally needy to “share” the minutae of their lives with the world. If only the world would stop by and look.

Another blogger who shares my scepticism about the way the world of internet technologies is heading is Andrew Keen.

Check out some of his very honest and perceptive views at andrewkeenblog

13 thoughts on “Is The Internet Making Us All Stupid

  1. Sad but true Ian – many a good “headline” often reveals barely a word (a mere grunt)or simply a video or audio link. At least someone’s minutae may be of some interest to someone else.


    1. I phrased that rather badly – it sounds like I enjoy the minutae – I don’t!

      I get annoyed when I click on something that sounds good only to find the above examples.

      Often very good items are hidden from view – I’ve found many a lovely pearl!

      Hope I’ve cleared that one up!



      1. Even good headlines don’t work across the pond, you have to spell it out for them. T-h-i-s p-o-s-t i-s a-b-o-u-t…
        Tends to kill any humour or irony.


      2. Really?! 🙂

        Lately I’ve been going off piste – yes I’ve spelt it right :>> – and come across some really good blogs.

        Shame about all the stuff you’ve to wade through first though.


  2. I did suggest to the BlogGods that they should include a category for Writers as one of their filter tabs, so that people with postings that have a long shelf-life have somewhere to display their wares.


    1. ‘fraid you have to do it the hard way. I keep an excel spreadsheet of my permalinmks for “premium content” and then can link to that specific item when I find posts on related topics.

      Look down my blog lists and you will find links to The Guradian, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Radio 4 Today, The Daily Mail – I’m not prejudiced 🙂 The Daily Mirror, Huffington Post, Washington Post,, and more. You have to have an account for some but I just use the same user name and password to save on admin. Not the username I have on serious accounts though.

      Placing links from comments at sites like that will get your traffic up.


  3. I use private posts only when I want to write something but don’t want the whole world to read my pathetic whining (or read about embarrassing situations)! 😀

    As for being seen, and getting 200-million comments a day, I’ve given up on that. Just one or two is a good day for me; anything else is a bonus! :yes:


    1. I think Nanny Ogg (she’s from Terry Pratchett’s discworld you know, innit great to have a celebrity among us?) was just bemoaning the sheer impossibility of getting good content seen.


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