Boris For Mayor.

When Boy Cameron announced the Conservative candidate for Mayor of London next year would be Boris (Bozza) Johnson our first thought was, “They’ve taken leave of what was left of their senses.”
We expected the Rt. Rev. Bishop Of Carlisle to pop up and claim God was punishing Londoners for their decadence, immorality and The Lambeth Walk (oi!)
On reflection though maybe Cameron has been more subtle than we give him credit for.
Could it be that with the company contracted to regenerate the capital’s transport effectively bankrupt, housing so expensive nobody actually born in London can afford to live there and the Olympic Games project set to cost Londoners more than their mortgages and all these chickens set to come home to roost just about when the victorious candidate next year would be returning to the real world, assuming Boris could win, what a great way to offload the millstone round your neck.

2 thoughts on “Boris For Mayor.

  1. I always say ifwe can’t have a competent politician in office (and I’m aware “competent politician” is an oxymoron) then lret’s have the biggest wanker possible.


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