I had a long post on the MMR thing prepared with lots of links to the true evidence as to its safety as I promised.
And as I turned round to talk to someone my finger caught the toughpad and I lost it.

If you came by hoping to see that, sorry. I’ll redo it tomorrow

3 thoughts on “Oops


      Well done lad, you really got me on that one. NOT!!!!!

      You should read articles properly before citing them to support your argument. If you had done so you would see that while the court (on whones ordrs we wonder?) have moved the goalposts again and after allowing that the burden of proof falls on the vaccine manufacturers gave the verdict on the basis of there being no “scientific evidence” the vaccine causes problems. Well of course there isn’t, the corporate child muderers who market this shit are not going to release the data that damns them are they.

      People like you are gullible fools Seanie, your corporate puppet masters are not. I ought to crucify you Seanie for having the nerve to come back but for some reason, perhaps its because I’m such a wonderful, compassionate human being, I feel I should try to educate you so that at last you understand the moral difference between killing lab rats and killing human babies. Read this

      MMR vaccine – the witch hunt and the lies

      You have to get quite a long way into the article until itreveals how studies allegedly exonerating MMR vaccine wwere rigged, based on biased samples and used deliberately skewed algorithms to produce the desired results. Read, learn and understand.

      And don’t come back here, your comments will be rejected without being looked at as all commnts on posts more than a month old now are. Little Nicky Machiavelli’s work is done. The world have moved on. You apparently haven’t.


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