The aim of my original post was to stir up a little controversy to boost the visibility of a follow up post (or posts) in which I will make my evidence known by providing links to the sources.

What I find significant is the number of people attacking me have used certain phrases that are rarely used in daily life but are favourites of the columnist I named. So I am deliberately being heavy handed in some of my responses.

Now, I am advised on this subject by an American woman, mother of an autistic child and a British Senior Nurse with experience in autism nursing. I am just the Information Technology specialist who is pushing the right websites to the top of the Search Engine listings, and also the one with time to push the issue and nothing to lose.
I can’t contact either of my friends today so to the best of my knowledge the single jabs in Britain and the US were safe because of a difference in the manufacturing method. The risk factor relates to a preservative substance used in the triple vaccine but not in the single versions except, it is claimed, in Japan.

There are many causes of Autism and nobody can say a single action will guarantee safety. But there has been no problem with any other vaccine for childhood diseases as far as I know.

I will bring here, in the next few days, a link to a U.S. Government funded website that will present you with the whole case. When you have read the information presented in a calm and level headed way by experts (rather than in a deliberately provocative way by a rabble rouser)you can decide for yourself if you feel safe to go ahead with MMR or need to seek further medical advice.

Soory I can’t be more helpful right now.

Ian Thorpe

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  1. Considering you have not been educated and have not taken it upon yourself to educate yourself in the subject in question seeking advice is a good thing, but considering i am better qualified to make statements about autism than your friend i would expect better sourcing of your information, i have an autistic child, and as of today now have both of my BSC, clinical psycology and child psycology.

    I expect i know exactly which group your friend belongs to, nd to be quite blunt their theory is less valid than any other i have read, and to make matters simple i would add a quite point, the manufacturer of the MMR in Japan is the same as that which supplies three EU countries, spend an hour with a good search angine and you can find that out, i suspect this is the mercury debate, which is to put it bluntly rubbish.

    And the reason you can’t be more helpful is because you haven’t done the research you should have before posting such claims, do the research, understand it and then post it, with references, don’t just spout theories and then claim ‘your friends reputation would be damaged’ it has by not providing the information.


    1. The reason I could not be more helpful actually was that I was busy.

      You say I am not educated, check your spelling, check your grammar and brush up your comprehension skills.

      As for your loony comment about my friend’s qualifications, she has had an autistic child, has a masters degree and knows how to spell. And she has refined manners. I think she outqualifies you.

      You say I spout theories which shows you did not read my post. I have not subscribed to any theory. Getouttahere, you can’t read, you can’t spell, you can’t think clearly.You have not made a single point that is either relevant or makes sense.


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