Machiavelli Unchained

Woo, that post on MMR and Autism really stirred things up – and it didn’t say much really except to ask why the questions keep coming back.

I will be bringing out the big guns next week.

FORGET the madmen and the warlords,
it is the truth tellers who are the real danger.

6 thoughts on “Machiavelli Unchained

  1. Many bloggers try to be controversial for the sole aim of boosting their veiw counts and I don’t have a problem with that. But spreading scare stories about MMR leads to the deaths of children.

    Scientists don’t just make these things up for the sake of it; you should show them some respect. I don’t think you really need the view count so badly.

    It’s not a Labour thing, it’s not a big pharma thing:

    MMR saves lives


    1. The evidence speaks for itself, that is why it has never been published in Britain. MMR is safe for MOST children, unfortunately due to the diversionary tactics of the UK medical establishment people who have not looked to America for their information will not be aware of the true state of affairs.

      But I will bring links for American autism sites to my next Machiavelli post so you may read the evidence for yourself.

      If being controversial increased hit counts I would be getting a million hits a day. Adding liks, posting content that will catch a lot of searches and indexing sites on the search engines increases hit counts.


    1. As that is all about the allegations against Wakefield I can’t comment. There are no facts, only allegations. My actions are prompted by a friend who is a US autism support campaigner. In America they are appalled at how the evidence presented to British parents has been distorted. I will be offering more but my aim is not debate here but to get the media to pick up on the BMA whitewash and challenge the medical establishment to answer the difficult questions rather than conducting a witch hunt.


      1. Perhaps you would care to share this amazing information, because from what i’ve read from america much of the MMR debate is baseless on the same degree it has been here in England, in some case even more so.

        The mention of a friend who works for as autism suport campaigner doesn’t really inform people about exactly what this mystical data is, come one let us all know, or is this data the same we can read for ourselves?


      2. I have noticed Kenny that the people attavking me on this issue are not in the habit of reading my posts or comments before they hit the “rant” button.

        In a case such as this the burden of proof is on the vaccine manufacturers to porove the vaccine is safe and the debate continues because they have failed to do that.

        I’m sure the issues are very complicated which is why I have not commented on medical issues. As the title Machiavelli suggests this is a political blog though my citics seem to think only academic or medical blogs can debate this issue this only shows that besides having poor English comprehension skills and a totally off the wall idea of what science is, they also do not understand the concept of free speech.


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