Banning Islamic Extremist Organisations.

Tory leaders David Cameron yesterday displayed once again the shaky grip on reality that typifies Old Etonians. The Boy David enquired of our esteemed (so far) Prime Minister about plans to ban Islamic Extremist Organisations.
The Government it seems has no such plans. But why would they, there is about as much point as in banning prostitution, recreational drugs and binge drinking. After all such Islamic extremist organisations as may exist do not register with the charity commissioners and claim tax exempt status, they are not listed in Yellow Pages, do not advertise their meetings in the local paper and do not meet in low rents premises that have on the door little brass plaques reading:

Dorkton Islamic Extremists Sports and Social Club
(CIU Afilliated)
Members Only

It just shows how much Conservative leaders know about life on earth.

23 thoughts on “Banning Islamic Extremist Organisations.

  1. I think that you will find that the proposal was to ban a certain extremis organisation and not all. The particular group, sorry can’t remember the name, is well known. The goverment didn’t say they wouldn’t just that they had no plan to do so at the moment.

    Gordons response to the question why was superb and showed his grip of facts. I dont know Ive only been in this job 5 days. Stunning.


    1. Stunningly insolent perhaps. Obviously in cabinet meetings, he was too busy sleeping, but nontheless agreed to provide funds for the spooks that watch these people, despite ‘not knowing’ what for.


      1. Do you really believe they had cabinet meetings under Blair. The way I read it, Alistair Campbell would just call senior minister together and give them instructions


      1. …and after the boom the economic bust is rushing towards us like a tsunami…
        yup, its a carousel. Oh and yes, us comedy bloggers do recycle the same jokes πŸ˜‰


  2. Oh “Islamic” – I mis-read your headline as “Balsamic” and wondered what you had against aromatic vinegar or do I mean “Aramaic Vinegar?”
    No, that would be a different kettle of Gefilte-Fish. – or am I confusing the issue? πŸ™‚


    1. LOL @ Balsamic.

      Like “Balsamic terrorism” – Chippe owners (funded by the Govt of course!) throwing vinegar around in an attempt to get the Govt to chance its North Sea fishing policy for example.

      Balsimic terror alert:

      1) Warning of pungency and corrosion
      2) Sour and with aftertaste
      3) …


      1. Taking it a bit further, maybe I should be thinking “Balsamic Toryorism” – pungent, sour and with corrosive aftertaste, like an education at Eton.


    1. I know, when I heard on the news of people in Hull complaing about jobbies floating down the streets I half expected Boris Johnstone to complain about emplyment being moved to low wage countries.


  3. Like when they ask you on arrival in the US if you are there for nefarious purposes (can’t remember the precise wording). I wonder if anyone has ever replied “Well, actually yes; How did you guess?”


  4. Yes, banning them despite the fact that the have very different views on governance compared to the British model, would be stupid. They’d change their name, or even not carry a name at all. And I think banning a political group is full of problems despite any solutions it may appear to give.

    Cocaine Cameron is trying to appeal to the Zionist lobby. “xyz friends of Israel” (x=con,neolab,lib) is the most powerful and largest of the parliamentary groups and the Zionist lobby group is the most powerful.

    Cokey Cam has afterall an election to try and fight/buy and given his reluctance to discuss his drug use at University may well have some kind of expensive habit to feed?


    1. Boris Johnson’s putting his foot in his mouth is an expensive habit electorally.
      That said, I love Bozza, he’s a laugh and often replies to my comments on his blog.


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