Seeing Through Windows Vista

How hard is it to see through Windows. Or to put it another way, what part of not fit for purpose do Microsoft not understand.

Having just been forced to go XP on a new laptop (but sticking with linux on my proper computer, I find myself hating my new OS more every day.

And Vista is worse. If you have not upgraded yet read why you shouldn’t at ZDnet Blogs

8 thoughts on “Seeing Through Windows Vista

    1. I don’t know 2000, its more a server product and so ought to be quite stable and being NT based had been around for years before being launched on the public.

      But with products aimed at the home user ratherr than businesses Microsoft have a track record of launching a product and then starting to test it. I don’t think they ever understood the concept of Beta testing.


      1. Win2000 pro is almost identical to XP but without the need to register and minus a few pretty bits.

        It does prefer a network environment but I have a network printer and second PC on a router, so that’s more of an advantage than not.

        It’s very stable and fine for home use but may not run all the games that would run on win98SE.

        There is also a separate product Win2000 server, which is not suitable for desktops.


  1. My husband got a new laptop and was forced to get vista. They didn’t inform him that the laptop he purchased didn’t actually have enough memory to run bth vista and other programmes – three laptops and lots of hair pulling out later, he bought a laptop with a gigabyte of memory and is now able to run the thing satisfactorily. He hates it!


    1. I have a new feature coming up at my own webspace, Luddites, in which my friends will be able to rant about the ascendency of hype over quality in so many walks of life. I will be looking for longer items that are featured on blogs but you will be very welcome to be part of it. My sister “fatsally” is really looking forward to it. (If you missed her, she is offline because her PC managed to delete its File Allocation Table, a little XP quirk that underlines the importance of bavking up personal data.


    1. Each to their own. But why would anyone want to buy a power PC just to run an operating system. A linux installation will do more on a 3 00mhzPentium 2 unit tha Vista will do on a 2.7ghz P3 with 1 gig of ram.

      Be interesting to know what you do with your Vista PC


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