If Your House Is Flooded, Thank Thatcher

A couple of weeks ago I had a full and frank exchange of views with a Maggie Thatcher worshipper (yes, there are still a few out there)
In response to my witty and incisive analysis this superannuated Toryboy called me rude names and suggested I must be stupid if I did not see he was right but did not actually make a point to back up his assertion that “Maggie did a great job for this country.”
Well one of the great things Maggie did was bulldoze through laws dismantling the planning controls that stopped speculative builders putting housing and industrial estates on the flood plains of rivers.
Environmental scientists and civil engineers warned against this, but common sense was never allowed to stand in the way of quick profits and the builders moved in.
With its escape route obstructed, floodwater backs up with devastating consequences after any period of unusually heavy rainfall. We have seen the consequenses this week in Sheffield (my daughter was stranded in the office on Monday night – she said they all got drunk and it was quite fun) and around the country and in recent years in Nottingham, Carlisle, York, the Medway Towns in Kent and along the Severn Valley.
kudos to Maggie though, true to her image she has never admited she was wrong. That’s the kind of strong leadership that still blinds so many people to the social and economic disaters her half – wit policies caused.

9 thoughts on “If Your House Is Flooded, Thank Thatcher

  1. Some possibly.

    But ……
    The centre of Sheffield,
    Meadowhall area,
    Most of the rest of South Yorkshire

    are not built on flood plains.

    Somtimes we just have to accept that shit happens Ian.

    Even you can’t blame Thatcher for the weather mate.

    Oh and by the way, have a word with Prescott, remember him, he was the fat and very ugly guy. He has been the architect so to speak of most of the building over the last 10 years.


    1. Well I know the Thatcherite New Labour party have exploited the insane Lady’s policies but the flood my daughter was stranded by, in Sheffield Brightside was a consequence of development the City council were warned against.

      There have always been floods; in Shrewsbury when I was young the river burst its banks every year. But the locals knew what to expect and built accordingly. So not all are due to the relaxing of planning regulations. But most cases where houses are flooded are. The areas worst affected by the floods are not always where the building has gone on. The consequences can be felt miles back upriver, especially in low lying areas.

      The National Rivers Authority branch of DEFRA have actually said that the flooding in Sheffield centre and other areas is directly due to warnings re building projects being ignored.

      QED I think.


  2. I agree Ian, but not only building on flood plains. Every time there is a postage sit piece of land some bugger builds a house on it. This has a knock on effect as it takes away land to soak the rain and the builders don’t put in adequate drainage!

    That old Yorkshire spirit is strong, “bugger it lets get pissed!” :))


  3. That’s the thing with irrational people; there’s no point arguing with them, or trying to make them see reason, because they will always think their argument is right.


  4. I agree with rithompson. I finally had the politics talk with a friend and promptly got a ‘But I thought you were smart!’ comment. Bah humbug. You call me ill-informed? I call you lazy. Too lazy to go and find your own beliefs so you latch on to the first piece of propaganda that you think is ‘cool’ because someone with a degree said it…
    I’m glad you stuck to your guns. So did I. Felt great 🙂
    Nice to see you on the top blogs thingy too! All the hard work is definatly paying off.


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