Zap The Cathedral? Not on my watch.

Manchester Cathedral is not as old as Ely or Durham, nor in such a spectacular setting as York or Salisbury but it is beautiful, loved and ours.
There are no religious sensibilities at play in my sense of outrage that Sony have used images of the fifteenth century cathedral in their latest zap the alien computer game but I have visited the building several times to admire the architectural features and the ornate wood carvings in the interior. Like all Cathedrals it is more than just religious memorabilia, it is a work of art containing many subsidiary works of art.
People have many reasons for using Cathedrals of course, to pray or take part in communal worship, to soak up that atmosphere of peace and calm generated within (its a trick of light and proportion, you’re not really in the presence of a higher being – sorry folks,) to admire the architecture and craftsmanship, to grab a bit of quiet solitude. Such buildings are expensive to keep up and most people who go in are happy to contribute what they can afford either by dropping a few coins in the box or buying an overpriced souvenir guide. After all we are preserving part of our history.
I am not saying the image of the buildings interior should not be used, what gets up my nose is the sheer bad manners. Sony should have offered a royalty or flat payment at least but what really grates with me is that they did not even ask permission.
Can you imagine the reaction if anybody used in a profit making venture an image belonging to Sony without making a deal to cut them a share of the revenue?
Big Business should be taught this lesson: SAME RULES APPLY.

9 thoughts on “Zap The Cathedral? Not on my watch.

  1. I think even heathens such as myself can appreciate the beauty of these creations and the skill and craftmanship involved and I’ve spent many a happy moment at Lichfield and Wells just taking everything in and enjoying the atmosphere. I’m not at all surprised by Sony’s actions but agree that they should contribute some of the profit to the Cathedral funds in reparation.

    However, I can see why some people could be offended by this distasteful use of a place of worship.


    1. There is an unusual but very interesting aspect of the old Cathedrals Sally. The architecture is full of pagan messages referring to things like astronomy and Euclidean mathematics which were absolutely forbidden by the Church at the time. Also there are a lot of things which refer to a female god.
      So without our pagan predecessors the pious Chistians would not have their great symbols of faith.

      Its a laugh really.


      1. That’s right. I used to spend a lot of time seeking these out, especially Green Men, and it’s amazing what you can find. Dowsing church and cathedral buttresses can be quite interesting too.

        Take away the pagan festivals they have appropriated, and the Christians wouldn’t be left with much of a calendar either!

        Visit St Mary Redcliffe church in Bristol if you get the chance (dating from 1115 and described by Elizabeth I as ‘the goodliest, fairest and most famous parish church in England’. It has many Green Men (can’t remember exactly, but over 30) and, amongst other things, a mermaid and even a Sheela Na Gig!


      2. Christianity as it is known in the modern world has only existed since the Protestant reformation. Before that the Catholic chuch in Britain was very Goddess (Mary) centred. Do you know the legend of Mary Gypsy whose cult was huge from the eleventh to fourteenth centuries?


      3. Yeah, fine. Just a bit overwhelmed with things to do so I’ll keep boggart blog going and have a week off Machiavelli. (While I prepare my new site The Luddites Club – you will be invited.
        Its all about resisting the pressures towards change for change’s sake. It will be part of Greenteeth.
        I have to get things online quickly now though.


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