Thatcher Revisited

The Guardian TV reviewer Lucy Mangan, writing about Andrew Marr’s History of Modern Britain programme on The Thatcher Years picked up on Marr’s description of The Iron Lady as a “one woman revolution.
Lucy commented that she had been brought up to believe Maggie was a one – woman hell on earth. Lucy is a true profession however; she says “I popped a few pills and did my best, despite the fact that her voice, that self – aggrandising, cloying, patronising agonised and agonising voice oozing out the vicious, dead – eyed face still paralyses me with fear and loathing…”
Do you know folks, I never had the lovely Ms. Mangan down for such a big fan of Maggie.

7 thoughts on “Thatcher Revisited

  1. Me neither.

    Funnily enough, only last night I was thinking about the Elvis Costello song, ‘Tramp the Dirt Down’, and wondering if he would still feel as strongly now as he (and many others) did at the time.

    He was quotes as saying, in 1996, “She doesn’t have a soul. She will burn in hell.”

    Those dead eyes. I’ve seen them somewhere else. The eyes of my personality disordered ex, he of no conscience and/or empathy.



  2. Clearly Mangan is a typically sad case of blikered leftist stupidity.

    Usually its the left who criticise anyone to the right of them as being ‘blinkered’ or phrases to that effect but usually they are prisoners of their own mindless pretty prejudices and jaundiced outlook.

    And the left is so powerful these days too. Powerful,dangerous and very very damaging.


    1. The left powerful? But Labour have moved to the right of Thatcher. That must be the ultimate victory for her brand of fascism. You see that’s the trouble with you Daily ~Mail readers (its not about what paper you actually read BTW, its a mindset,) you are just not politically savvy.

      It is Thatchertism that damaged this country and that we will suffer from for many centuries. The woman’s only positive contribution to anything was the development of a technique to pump ice creal full of air, thus providing wealthy manufacturers with a handy way of stealing from the public.

      And that just about sums her up, piously preaching the virtues of thrift while practising the vice of theft.

      But that’s a trick she learned from her pious, preachy hypocrite of a father.


  3. Labour moved to the right of Mrs.T? Are you nuts? Rhetorical question, but I thought I would ask it.
    Since when did Mrs.T stand for huge levels of tax, huge unprecedented immigration, consistent deliberate misrepresentation, lies and deception.

    The fact you refer to Mrs.T as a facist is yet more evidence (though it wasnt required to prove the point) that you actually know very little about politics. Look up facism and find out a few things about it. But I suppose you would have to take the blinkers off first which i expect you wont be prepared to do.

    Even liberal twerps like Andrew Marr now recognise the huge contribution to this country Mrs.T made. Sure, she didnt get everything right by a long chalk but what was the alternative? Kinnock?? hahahahahaha


  4. Wow! you are an absolute treasure, a sad embittered loser par excellence. Even The Daily Mail admits Labour has moved to the right of Thatcher.

    You seem to be very high on anger and extremely low on analytical skills and comprehrension. And you obviously think that a fascist is someone who wears fancy uniforms and kills Jews and gypsies. Not true, a fascist is someone who belives it the absolute power of the elite, deployed through the strength of their followers.

    Fascist, from the latin fasces derives from the Roman concept of the unbreakable power of the state. Now it is you who shows ignorances here because you confuse fascism (with a small “f”) and “Fascism are not quite the same. In the Roman concept “the state” is not the corporate state of Marxism but the oligarchy of a wealthy elite.

    Suggested reading on this: Tom Paine, Jeremy Bentham, John Locke and, dare I say it, Adam Smith. Now you will think Smith is a Thatcherite hero but Maggie, never as intelligent as she thought she was, was not capable of understanding him, because he was in fact a great advocate of public service and of the responsibility of the state.

    Did Maggie make a “great contribution? Ask them in the old industrial areas of Lancashire, South Yorkshire, Tyneside, South Wales, central Scotland and the West Midlands. All the areas in fact that made the country great. So unlike the Romans, Maggie actually weakened the nation in order to secure the absolute power of her government.

    To make her regime the strongest force in British politics. To this end she attacked the unions, dismantled the apparatus of the state, undermined the independence of the Judiciary and set the precedent for her disciple Blair by putting the interests of America before those of Britain

    Thanks to Thatcher’s unwarranted meddling with the press council we now have far to much of our mass media in the hands of two families (the Murdoch’s and the Rothermeres.

    Taxation? Well its true The Blessed Hilda did reduce taxes for the rich and made income tax almost voluantary for those earning more than ten times the average income but the FACTS show so conclusively that even someone like you, with an IQ lower than that of a retarded housebrick could not rationally dispute it, that people on average income or below actually paid more tax. Thatcher’s government of muppets invented the iniquity of stealth tax. Remember The Poll Tax?

    Thanks to Thatcher’s pathological hatred of the poor we lost our industrial base through her insane decisions aimed at driving blue collar workers into the kind of abject poverty the manual workers endured in during the Industrial Revolution.

    You know, I’m beginning to think wee have not even begun to explore just how much of a sad, deluded nobody you are. I’m sorry you did not get rich under Thatcher (I did, but that’s because I am smart, oh and I had a good start on most people) but the Thatcher dream was like the American dream, designed to keep the masses from demanding a fair deal. I’m surprised so many people are still falling for it. The rich get richer, the poor get a kick up the arse. Life’s a bitch mate.


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