Smile For Me, My Diane.

It was twenty years ago today (no, its not a Sergeant Pepper thing) that lovely, bubbly, smiling Diane Abbott became a Member of Parliament. She was the first Black woman to enter Parliament and, an even greater distinction, the first woman MP to be deemed “hot” by a majority of the male population.
We should celebrate today Diane’s being a first class MP, a truly widely respected politician and somebody who makes most people happy (when I say most people, there will always be a few like the projectile vomit lady in Little Britain but I have never known anyone who does not like or respect Diane.
The same cannot be said for the Political Correctness Police who have marked the anniversary by whining that since June 11, 1987 only two other black women and no Asians have made it into the House of Commons.
This comes with the usual demands that The Government do more to get women from ethnic minorities elected. Does it never occur to them that perhaps women from ethnic minorities are just not that interested?
While they ponder that let’s hope Diane Abbott keeps smiling for us and being an excellent MP for her constituency for another twenty years. Its not the skin colour we need more of, its the qualities.

13 thoughts on “Smile For Me, My Diane.

    1. I think it was providing electric wallpaper – did she go to Jamaica in search of musically talented relatives or something?

      I thought they were having a big finale of that show but it seemed to fizzle out. Any idea what happened?


  1. No, not a great pianist, and her hissy fit on the programme put me off her a bit, but I still admire her immensely and she is indeed a committed and seemingly ethical MP. There’s not many MPs I’d stay up past my bedtime to watch, but she is one of them, bless her.


  2. Diane Abbot is an unsightly unprincipled blimp who is an embarassment.

    Perhaps her conduct as an MP is an advert for why there should be less ‘ethnic minority’ MPs not more?

    Remember the fiasco over he sending her son to a private school after years of whining and beration of other people who dont use the local school?

    She’s a hyprocritical unsightly incompetent.


    1. Right, so now we have established that you are a Daily Mail reader was there anything you wanted to add to the discussion.

      On the subject of schooling, let’s not forget it was the Tories who pressed for the introduction of the farrago that is comprehensive education, mainly because the working class kids nabbed all the grammar school places while the pampered little darlings of middle class homes were too thick to pass a simple exam.


  3. I read a number of papers, including the mail sometimes. Better that than the Guardian and the Mirror which I imagine get your frequent attention.

    Seeing that you missed the point the first time I’ll repeat it again. Your wench Abbot is a a hyprocritical unsightly incompetent.


    1. Actually that is not a point as you would know if you read The Guardian. And why do you asume I would also read a kids comic like The Mirror. The Independent is Guardian readers default second choice.

      Got a post about Maggie Thatcher for you today. Happy now?


  4. “Actually that is not a point as you would know if you read The Guardian.”
    What does that mean?

    I will read your post on Maggie and comment on its merits (or lack of)


    1. What I meant is that someone who reads The Guardian would understand the principles of adverserial debate.

      Are you suggesting that larger ladies cannot be attractive? Or that Black women are repulsive to look at? Very dangerous ground there I would suggest.

      Or are you suggesting that people who do not conform to your prejudices are deeply unattractive?

      The only issue on which Diane Abbot has appeared to behave hypocritically is her son’s education. Now when the full circumstances are known that was nowhere near as bad as was suggested by the reporting. And it was a personal matter, not one in which she acted in her official capacity as an MP.

      So you see you have neither made a point nor challenged any of mine, all you have done is express an irrational response to slightly overweight, female Labour MPs. Have you though about seeking the services of a good therapist to help you deal with this?

      Annoying fuckers, us ex public schoolboys aren’t we?



  5. “Actually that is not a point as you would know if you read The Guardian.”
    What does that mean?

    I will read your post on Maggie and comment on its merits (or lack of)


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