Burn The Witches (education)

A Primary School classroom assistant will learn in the next few days if she is to be reinstated to the job from which she was suspended after refusing to allow a pupil to read from a Harry Potter book. The woman, a Born – Again Christian claimed the books glorify witchcraft. The girl who wanted to read Harry Potter for one on one session is an advanced reader for her age group and complained to her parents that the alternatives she was offered were too simple.
After the case of the Muslim classroom assistant and the full veil last year we have to conclude it is not witchcraft and magic that causes problems in schools but the religious sensibilities of classroom assistants (although I’m sure most are diligent, open – minded and highly committed). Is it time the courts acted to remove religion from schools altogether, after all apart from glorifying magic and superstition more than all the children’s books in the world, if it stops people doing their job properly then they should not be in the job.
Since my children were at school I had had the impression that the decline in reading skills was largely due to the boring, politically correct, patronising literature that was on offer. I know both ignored school readers. Gabby preferred to read mine and Teri’s old Enid Blyton, Jennings and animal fiction and David gravitated towards my war and boy’s adventure books. There would horrify the political correctness police of course, yet both children turned out to be excellent readers.

8 thoughts on “Burn The Witches (education)

  1. Belief in gods, bogeymen, and all other such delusions should be the cause of automatic disqualification from any employment at all, let alone those where young minds can be influenced. Certainly politicians who claim deities are guiding them should be lined up and shot, as a start. I’m a reasonable man…


  2. And I thought Harry Potter was just a kids story.

    I used to read Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree/Enchanted Wood books; I still have a couple on my bookshelf.


    1. I always say “if it gets kids reading, its fine.” Children love stories. Whether is stories about elves and fairies, stories about rabbits in trousers or stories about Noah and Moses, kids love ’em. The problems start when adults with agendas start to say “the stories we like are true and nobody is to say they’re just stories and the stories we don’t like are wicked and evil and you will get sent to hell if you even read them.” All stories are stories to children, they have an amazing ability to suspend disbelief.

      I still resd the kids old Dr. Seuss sometimes. I just love the rhythms.


      1. That’s what I say about Harry Potter; it’s good because kids read it, and want to. Like I read The Enchanted Wood books, because I enjoyed the stories when they were read to me at school.


      2. Yeah, much better than those PC books about children of mixed race parents living on a sink estate. Or:

        Mary and Emma live in the same house with their mothers. Both the girl’s Daddies live with other ladies now but still see their daughters. This is because Mary and Emma’s Mummies made an uncoventional lifestyle choice as is their right in an egalitarian society.

        Its not exactly The Borrowers is it?

        Irish-Le-Feaux has a good post on Political Correctness today.


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