NHS Financial surplus.

So the NHS has made a profit.

And they have achieved this by sitting on budgets that were underspent while turning away people with health problems who needed urgent treatment simply because some budgets were spent up.

Little Nicky is getting quite bored with saying “told you so” this week but if you check tags like health, NHS, hospitals, and similar you’ll find we have been warning all year that this scam was being operated.

Machiavelli is thinking of approaching Shaz the Prole, sallyontour and a few other to talk about forming a new political part, The Really Awkward Bastards.

5 thoughts on “NHS Financial surplus.

  1. Didn’t need to tell me what was going on Ian. From my lowly position in the schem of things within the NHS it was only too apparent.

    Bliar and his gang want locking away!!


  2. I would certainly consider becoming a member of The Really Awkward Bastards Party, although I’m sure we could come up with a name which makes a better acronym. I’m way too addled from checking exam papers to think of one right now. Do I feel a competition coming on?


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