Renewal of the Cold War Is Just A Rumour : Bush

Reports that George Bush has reignited the Cold War (now there’s an oxymoron for you – not Bush, he’s just a moron; “reignited the Cold War”) by provoking Russian leaders to point their weapons at Europe’s back door have been denied by The White House.
“The Cold War is over…the missiles America plans to put in Poland and The Czech Republic are only intended to shoot down nuclear missiles fired at the East Coast from North Korea, Mr Bush claimed.
Now we know the average American cannot find Mexico or Canada on the world map (and I would not bet on them being able to find their homeland) but this story seems to confirm what Machiavelli and Boggart Blog have said many times. The President cannot find his own arse with both hands (fortunately he has Blair to wipe it for him).
If North Korea wanted to fire their one missile at a target in the USA why would they go three quarters of the way round the globe to New York or Washington when they are so close to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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