After Blair’s confession that his policies to deal with anti – social behaviour have failed comes another example of stupidity beyond reason.
A replica ?Viking longhouse at Penwortham near Preston has been torn down and burned by vandals who went to considerable lengths to break into the site.
The Longhouse, used by schools in the area was built and maintained by volunteers, ordinary people who gave time and money. So the destruction was not in any way a rebellion against authority but simply an example of yobbish misanthropy.
To eradicate this attitude will take more than Blair’s dubious contrition. We need an abandonment of the poolitics of self interest which have governed us for almost three decades and a new commitment to the ideals of public service.
There will always be a moron element in society but we can marginalise that kind of mentality.

6 thoughts on “Knobheadism

  1. It is possible that the people, who attacked the Longhouse, thought they were actually taking the archaeology/anthropology through to its natural conclusion.

    When I moved in university circles, I heard of a number of groups considering doing things like this as ironic actions.

    Dressing as picts and attacking a rebuilt gatehouse on Hadrian’s wall was one such plan, to be carried out as a total suprise to the people playing gatehouse keepers, in exactly the way the original picts would have done the deed.

    Another suggestion was to lay on a realistic Viking raid at a Saxon farm project near Thetford, again it would have been a suprise attack on the grounds that it would validate the archaeological experiment best if the farm was destroyed in the same way as the original.

    None of these schemes were known to the organisers of the original research/eductional projects, who I suspect would have had kittens had they found out.

    As far as I know none of those I heard about back in the 1970/80s were ever carried out, but the idea of ironic disruptions of this type was quite common. I suspect these were the same people who eventually hijacked the Young Farmers’ efforts at crop circles and elevated them to the realms of mathmatical art.

    In fact it’s the sort of thing Dave the Eaton Rave might have been up to in his Dining Club days.


    1. In alliance with a mathematician I once worked out how long it would take to actually make a complex crop circle using planks and rope (given that the design had been created on a computer) including measuring and marking out and then actually treading the pattern.
      The guys would have had to be there a day and a half and I am sure the farmer would have had something to say.
      The interesting thing about crop circles is all the rational explanations are crazier than the supertnatural ones.
      Unless of course the farmers are doing it themselves for the insurance.

      I still have great hopes of Reg. Presley and his investigations though.


  2. And for this we paid for their education!

    Interesting theory, but so far as crop circles are concerned in the ’80s I was a member of a research team. It is known that some of the circles were faked, and by whom, but most of the ‘fakers’ (many of which prefer to be thought of as artists) I spoke to would readily admit that there were certain aspects of those which were termed ‘genuine’ circles they could not fake (such as residual radioisotopes). Some were only too ready to volunteer that they had witnessed strange and inexplicable events even in known-to-be-man-made circles, as have I.

    To my knowledge, the Young Farmers were never involved in the faking, and I know at least two farmers who are convinced that something inexplicable is going on. Most farmers see it as mindless vandalism, no matter how aesthetically pleasing.


    1. I must talk to you about crop circles Sally. A few yeas ago I wrote a short fiction on the subject and found that as with ghosts, UFOs and other phenomena a lot of very rational people will testify to inexplicable experiences.
      I have twice sighted UFOs that behaved in a way no known flight technology could.
      Do I think they were alien vessels?
      No, but I could not say they were not. All I can say is that no “rational explanation” offers a satisfactory answer.
      As for top secret American warplanes, does anyone think if the American military had anything like that they could keep quiet about it?


  3. As for knobheadism, several months ago I witnessed my (previous) car being vandalised by a boy on his way to the school I am unfortunate enough to live opposite. The boy produced a stanley knife, scoring the back of the vehicle (which was only an old Nissan and hardly an object of desire) quite deeply. By the time I got down the stairs he was off and away, but I did get a good look and he was wearing a distinctive jacket.

    I immediately called the school who said it was not their responsibility since this moron was not on school premises. The police told me they could do nothing as it was the responsibility of the school. Neither the school nor the police seemed remotely disturbed by the fact that Shit-for-brains was now strolling around the school with a large knife in his pocket.

    So the school cannot act. The police cannot act. Since no-one will let me identify him even his parents cannot take appropriate action (assuming they would be interested). Where does that leave us then?


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