Punish Parents of Teenage Boozeers, How Stupid Is That?

Alcohol Concern, a charity that could also go by the name of imbeciles anonymous has come up with a plan to penalise parents of children who drink booze while under fifteen.
Do they suppose parents can follow their eleven to fourteen year olds around all the time to make sure they don’t get their hands on alcopops.
As usual it is commdercial interests and do – gooders that are to blame, commercial interests for allowing advertizing aimed at the young and do – gooders for giving alcohol a veneer of glamour by demonising it.
We can’t stop people from being young but we can stop nthe brainwashing of young people.
Parents who have an enlightened attitude to alcohol can instil into their children an immunity to peer pressure but that is all too easily undone by media campaigns.

2 thoughts on “Punish Parents of Teenage Boozeers, How Stupid Is That?

  1. I think it has been speedily established, on Any Questions, Any Answers and most media coverage that the moderate majority were speedily lined up behind you on this one. Some people lose the plot sometimes…


    1. Little Nicky Machiavelli does not like people behind him. Having had his first incarnation in the time of the Borgias, people behind Little Nicky make him nervous 😉


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