Emperor Broon

It is becoming obvious the behind-the-scenes operators of the The National Socialist Party of Great Britain aka New Labour will go to any lengths to prevent there being a leadership contest. Gordon Brown will succeed Tony Blair as Prime Minister by proclamation.
So the party that has broken laws, attacked civil liberties and abandoned ethics in its enthusiasm for bringing competition to areas of public service such as education, health and prisons is not quite so keen on competition in its own backyard.
Could this be because the “competition” between PFI contractors is rigged to achieve the results Labour’s Corporate paymasters want wheras attempts to manipulate events where an intelligent and politically aware grassroots movement is involved cannot promise a guaranteed outcome.

6 thoughts on “Emperor Broon

  1. it’s a wonderful thing democracy, isn’t it? I do have to say though that in the UK we vote for a political party we haven’t yet sunk to the depths of the personality type presidential elections of our cousins across the pond. Like it or not at the last elections we did ( perhaps not you and I personally, but we as a collective) vote for New Labour with all its PFI, PPI and other such strange and fanciful names for private investment profiting from public services. The outcome of this is that Gordy is to succeed Tony as PM for the short-term until the general election.
    How does it look as if the council elections will go down your way? I worry about an increased support for the BNP due to the Tories deserting their traditional supporters in favour of new labour style PC policies.
    Up here there is a lot of bad mouthing going on in the campaign for the Scottish Parliamentary elections, Scottish Labour are quaking in their parliamentary slippers as the SNP seem to be garnering support from the herds of lost and confused voters.


    1. The BNP will benefit from traditional Labour support. Serves Labour right for ignoring the feelings of their working class constituency (as they did in Burnley a couple of years ago) That should not worry us too much, I’ve always said the first BNP MP will bring the other parties to their senses double quick.
      Rumours suggest UKIP are doing well in diehard Tory areas – we’ll see.
      Otherwise it looks like a bad day for Labour with Lib Dems benefitting in the north and west country while the Cameroons advance in the south.
      We’ll see. I hope the Green Party do well but as usual I can’t vote for them as they have no candidate in my ward.
      They have asked me to stand next time, I will if I am fit enough.
      BTW my Greenteeth web project is nothing to do with my political views.


  2. Here in Birmingham I have noticed increased support for the BNP but their ranks appear to be swelling with former Labour supporters dissatisfied with immigration control, or lack of it. Both BNP and UKIP managed to infiltrate the Council’s St George’s Day celebrations under cover of patriotism.

    On the whole, their view appears to be that ‘foreigners’ now outnumber ‘indiginous people’, blaming all the crime on the ‘foreigners’, but if they were to look at statistics they would see that this is just not the case.

    My friends in Bristol say support is increasing there too.

    Meanwhile, it is reported that people say they would be more likely to vote in elections if they had the opportunity to do so by text. Bearing in mind that very few people are more than a 10 minute walk from a Polling Station.

    Sometimes I just want to dig a hole and lie down in it.


    1. I’m not sure I like the idea of voting by text. We could end up with Gareth Gates as Prime Minister!

      I think we need a party that will emphasise the constitutional point that the first duty of any elected official is to ALL their constituents rather than to a party.

      I mentioned to Shaz the case of the BNP in Burnley. What happened a couple of years ago is that after Burnley had been run by Labour since the 1930s a spontaneous movement among traditional Labour voters based on the perception that “Labour is all for the Pakis,” the BNP and Lib Dems started to pick up seats on Burnley council.

      The reality was that Burnley Labour Party had not been particularly PC but particularly stupid in taking for granted the support of the white working class voter and concentrating their efforts on winning back the Asian vote which had been drifting to the Tories.

      Political journos present voter movement as straightforward right to left switches but I think the reality is much more complext. It looks as if Labour voters (more deeply conservative than middle class tories) are going BNP, the tory right is going UKIP on no vote while the Labour middle clas, disgusted by the lurch to the right are going Lib Dem, Green, no vote or protest vote.

      Don’t worry about the BNP, if they do get a few council seats the fist thing they will do is split into several parties. In many ways the mindset is similar to that of Christian fundamentalists across the pond.


  3. woah yesterday a lot of leaflets fell through my door I have 14 yes 14 political parties to choose from all fighting for the proportional representation ( regional) vote! This makes things a lot more complicated but interesting non the less, although i cannot imagine the anti-abortion Scottish Christian Party or the Scottish Voice, or some of the other – we have never heard of parties- picking up many votes – but its all healthy for democracy.


    1. Doncha love democracy?

      I only have Mr Anwar (Con) and Mr Kaki (Lab) to choose from. No doubt I will be dubbed racist for not voting at all. Its an illustration of what I was saying though. The conservatives used to get zilch in this ward until the asians started voting for Thatcher. Then they took the ward on a solid asian vote (for and asian candidate against my old friend Jack Grime (you just can’t get a more Labour name than that – actually he is a well educated and very cultured man) So then Jack, who had served as a councillor for twenty years was deselected to make way for an asian candidate. Result? Hardly any whiter people in the ward vote now – some on racist grounds, most because they were pissed off at the way the two main parties took them for granted.


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