Do Women Bring It On Themselves?

The weather warms up, the clothes become more revealing. The moral majority crawl out of the woodwork to air their usual prejudices.

Rape, assault, verbal harrassment. Do women bring it on themselves?

Feminist blogger Sheelzebub has a very interesting (and funny) take on this at Pandangon

10 thoughts on “Do Women Bring It On Themselves?

  1. you are trying to get women rialed up now aren’t u?, i would never use my sexual presence to lure men in just to take the piss by making allegations. Sadly i have to admit there are women out there who do do this. But just as all men are not chauvenistic(sorry about spelling) pigs there are a few that are!


      1. ‘s OK, I’m thick skinned.

        But no, I’m not trying to gret women riled, I’m trying to get you to visit Pandangon which is an excellent Amertican feminist and liberal blog and is under contant attack from fundies. Including some very nasty personal threats)
        I do use provocative headlines to attract attention though. But would you have found Pandangon or that article if I hadn’t? 🙂
        Thanks for the comment


  2. yes and no

    depends on your perception of women

    i enjoy the look of a pretty girl in summer clothes

    however i never get any urges to ‘touch’ her

    some men do though, unfortunatly


    1. Yeah, what Sheelzebub was commenting on inher original post that I was giving a plug to is the rediness of judges and media commentatyors to accept the male excuse of “she was begging for it” based on the fact that a womsn was dressed provocatively.

      The other extreme, typified by the feminists who yell “visual rape” when a man’s gaze lingers on a good looking womsn. Mostle we are not habouring violent or aggressive thoughts but merely wishing there was some way to get to know the woman in question.

      The golden rule is that if she says no she means no and even if she does not say anything she still means no even if she is stark naked, until she says yes.

      America is a more violent society than Britain of course and sexual violence is becoming quite a big problem it seems.


  3. May not a good way to get people to read the excellent piece by Sheelzebub. I found your comments rather offensive and hers brilliant – Presumably not what you intended…


    1. I guess you dont get much exposure to America’s “moral majority” Polly. I was merely raising a question about posts on a lot of very popular religious blogs suggesting that as women start to dress more revealingly many will be raped or assaulted and deservedly so.

      I could have written my own rant about that kind of bigotry but could not have bettered the one I linked to. So I wrote what I knew would be a provocative headline. I don’t see how being provocative can be offensive.

      I have never believed women bring it on themselves and am constantly appalled that most of the people who do claim Christianity as their justification.


      1. It’s obvious from the link you don’t think like that, but your posting was ambiguous, which was a shame….
        Thanks for the link to an excellent posting. I have found Steph’s postings rather depressing and good to find stuff like this.


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