Green Lies and the Logging Industry.

Carbon offset, carbon footprint, green taxes, wind turbines in your hat; its all bollocks of course, the language may be getting greener but the world is getting browner.
In Indonesia thousands of square miles of mature tropical rain forest are scheduled to be cleared to make way for Palm Oil plantations.
In Central Africa thousands of square miles of mature tropical rain forest are being sold off to rapacious corporations based in the industrialised world. There is no long term thinking here, not even the wrong headed sort. The buyers want the timber, they don’t give a damn what happens to the land afterwards.
The tropical rainforests are the biggest and most efficient carbon sinks the world has. Without them we are doomed.
Planting a few trees on waste ground in the industrialised world will make no difference at all. Forestation in the temperate zone is carbon neutral. Only tropical rainforest, because of its intensive growth and year round growing season absorbs carbon efficiently.
So why do we keep electing business friendly politicians who continue to permit exploitation of this vital environmental resource for short term gain?
The answer to the African part of the project is simple. Logging companies operating in Central Africa are seeking to extract rare hardwoods such as teak for use in the manufacture of luxury furniture.
At some stage this hardwood has to enter the wealthy nations where the market exists. So why not whack a prohibitive tax on all rare hardwoods, say 10,000% on timber, 2,500% on finished goods (point of sale tax to be added on top of this).
People would quickly discover that pine and beech makes excellent tables and chairs.
Stripping land to create acreage for Palm Oil production is even worse. The logging rights are won on the promise of money to be made from biofuels for the cars of America and Europe.
This is just more empty lies told by get rich quick merchants hoping to jump on the green bandwagon.
The theory behind the push for biofuels of course is that they will replace polluting fossil fuels with carbon neutral (because they only emit carbon absorbed in the previous growing season) fuels. This is fine in theory but it is remarkable how the people who constantly remind us that “evolution is only a theory” are ready to swallow this pseudo scientific bunkum undiluted.
Cars cannot run on biofuel, only on a mix. So the actual polluting fuel is only reduced by a small percentage.
To produce a gallon of useable biofuel requires several gallons of fossil fuel, so by adopting the biofuel solution we will create far more pollution than we save.
The real reason behind the sudden enthusiasm for biofuel is the belief that it will preserve the wealth of the elite and the economic power of the oil and automotive companies.
These are the green lies that make to rhetoric of politicians meaningless. To shift blame from the corporate world to the consumer as they are doing is hypocritical and dishonest.
In truth, the politicians, not daring to confront their corporate paymasters about crimes against the environment, do not have a clue how to tackle the biggest challenge to face civilisation since The Black Death.
And so they offer us empty words.

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