The war is getting seriously stupid

OK, serious face on, this is no joking matter. Machiavelli may have a track record for ridiculing the government’s inept and incoherent approach to managing its wars but we find nothing in the least amusing in the news that – snuffle, snigger chuckle, tee hee, sorry! – I repeat we find nothing amusing in the news that 25% of the budget – hohohohaahaahaar – allocated for sustaining the operation is being spent on – snarf, arf, snigger, hurrum – on hiring private security firms to protect our military bases waaahoohohohahahaa Blair’s legacy my arse.
But really it is NOT FUNNY. Our troops deserve better and if we can’t support them properly in doing the job they have been asked to do then we should bring them home now and apologise for betraying the trust they put in their nation.

(And if any rabid Nazi, like the three that commented last time I ridiculed this illegal war, tries to tell me I am wrong and the war is a glorious triumph, you will bring down upon yourself such withering sarcasm that you will be reduced to a pool of slimy brown liquid. Got that?)

6 thoughts on “The war is getting seriously stupid

  1. How do you write about such horrible things with such hilarity?:)

    I totally agree. I just came back from NUS Conference, and the NUS is STILL not affiliated to the Stop the War Coalition! That puts it to the right of all other trade unions, pretty much. Bleurgh. Full of Labour students who won’t criticise the Govt.


    God bless xx


    1. Labour students – wusses. In my day all students were commies or anarchists.

      BTW Why do communists always drink herbal tea?
      Because proper tea is theft.



      1. LOL, it’s an oldie but a goodie:) I think I would have preferred your day! These days, people panic when a group of students bring rubbish bags on stage to illustrate a point about the environment, and won’t let you take a fake coffin into Conference!

        God bless xx


      2. Its been going like that a long time.

        The last gig I promoted (for Don’t Feed The Bears and Stash whose music I will be bringing to the web) I caused panic by using a smoke machine in Accrington Town Hall. It did not set off the smoke alarms (coz its not real smoke!) but it alarmed the caretaker and I was banned sine die from hiring the town hall.


      3. Thanks for the message. Do we know you Tony? As Anton maybe? If so, salutations Dave, the DFTB bass player is working solo now as Brother Bastion ( )

        and I am working hard on The Greenteeth Labyrinth, which if Google will cease and desist from moving not so much the goalposts as the entire effing stadium, will be online by end Oct, this year. Getting DFTB online there is a priority.


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