Machiavelli getting bigger

It was revealed today that the advertising revenue attracted by the internet has passed that spent on ads in print media for the first time.

This coincides with preparations to relocate Machiavelli to a privately owned site where we can expand the operation into a multi media co – operative. It will be several months before the new venture is fully up and running and even after that we will continue to have a presence here.

Onward and upward.

2 thoughts on “Machiavelli getting bigger

  1. wow things are on the up for you Ian, I wish I was so technically capable as opposed to computer illiterate. The technology and languages which drive the internet, software etc are a complete and utter mystery to me.


    1. Don’t worry Shaz. Ever keen to play the Knight in Tarnished Armour I have plans to rescue you from obscurity and install you in Castle Greenteeth.

      Its taking a while but my back and left shoulder are being absolute buggers at present.


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