Who is a Fit Candidate To Succeed Blair?

Who is a Fit Candidate To Succeed Blair?

The excitement is mounting over the Labour leadership contest (yawn!) Will Brown ascend to the Imperial Throne on a surge of popular acclaim or will the “Stop Brown” movement gain momentum and thwart him at the last minute. And who cares?
Unless a complete outsider emerges from the pack to snatch victory on an Old Labour ticket all of the possible contenders are tainted. by having been part of Blair’s corrupt and undemocratic government. Who among them has spoken out against the illegal war, who has resisted the obscene rush to privatisation, who has steadfastly stood his ground against the rush to the right?
Whatever result the arcane electoral process throws up we can be sure that in the years between now and the next General Election the Labour Party will polarise in a more self destructive way than the Tories did after their defeat.
The mechanism that will make this inevitable is being cranked up even now as Blair, realising his party has done with him because he is no longer a winner, tries desperately to ensure his politics live on. Thus he has hamstrung his successor with a series of measures that have put the Government in thrall to America in the field of defence and foreign policy and to big business and big finance in all areas of domestic policy.
And that is one hell of a legacy to hand anybody. Only an idiot would want to take on the job of sorting the mess out.
Can we afford to have yet another idiot as Prime Minister?

4 thoughts on “Who is a Fit Candidate To Succeed Blair?

    1. I don’t think all politicians are necessarily idiots; crooks, wankers, liars, poltroons, conspirators, many other things, but not all idiots. It takes some intelligence to pull the strokes they do.
      Prime Ministers do tend to be idiots though, they never know when to step down.


  1. Hehe I like it – seriously though Idiot from the greek means one who is not political i.e. someone who doesnt participate in the democratic polis. I am beginning to feel that nowadays Idiot has the opposite meaning you know like when Bad changed to mean good, Idiot has changed to mean one who does participate in politics infact one who runs the democracy ( is that is what we really have here).
    I don’t know who should replace Blair there isnt anyone at all I can think of at this moment in time that I would like to see as Prime Minister – I just dont see any prime minister material in any of the political parties, just a lot of sycophants intent on becoming dictators who will say anything to get their bum on the PM’s seat in No 10.


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