They Call Us Racist? – pot, kettle etc.

Whenever an African leader starts shouting about the inherent racism of the wealthy nations it kind of sticks in my throat a bit. No sane person could deny that there is racism in Europe and America and that it must be dealt with through education and political reform.
But when a politician with the track record of Mugabe tries to blame Africa’s plight on Euro – American racism I just start to think:
and they call us racist. ‘nuff said?

2 thoughts on “They Call Us Racist? – pot, kettle etc.

  1. Nicky Machiavelli says above,’There is no sin but ignorance’. Mugabe is beyond reason, steeped in degenerative, evil insanity, along with his demented henchmen. At 93 my mother had more appreciation of racism issues than Mugabe has at 83! His brutal treatment of the opposition leader Morgan Tsvangiral and others and his condemnation of the West are well known. He also said, “opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai would never rule Zimababwe for as long as I live”. Hopefully that wont be long!


    1. Hi Dawn, nice to see you.

      It certainly will not be long, he’s on the way out.

      But ignorance includes ignorance of the rights of others.So Little Nicky is consistent 🙂


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