No Future For You

Politics is a muddy pool at the best of times and it seems to be getting muddier.
Speaking as if he sees his future as being at the helm of policy making rather than in the backwaters of the lecture circuit last week, the Traitor and War Criminal Tony Blair chose a visit to a school to blether about empowerment and choice. It seems his great plan is to create a system in which we can all demand public services that are tailored to our needs. Yeah right. If one – size – fits – all education is busting the budget there is hardly going to be enough cash to provide customised services for all the little individuals that pass through the school system. I wonder does the Prime Minister ever think before he starts flapping his jaw?
In Education Blair’s vision is that a system based on test, statistics, league tables and Private Finance will be able to provide an education tweaked for the individual child. Perhaps he means a return to the days of The Governess, a kind of home schooling that exposed the children of middle class families to the tender mercies of sadistic women often played by Bette Davis but at least would save them from exposure to dangerous lefties who have leather patches on the elbows of their jackets.
Same old story you may think, pawning the family silver to pay private contractors.
Education is not about parents and their prejudices, it is about the future. If a nation is so obsessed with feeding personal greed it is not prepared to invest in its future then it has no future. Nooooooo fu-cha, noooooo fu-cha.
Will Blair’s legacy be to make the words of the prophet Johnny Rotten come true?

3 thoughts on “No Future For You

  1. You only have to look at the mess parental choice of school has created to see that choice in relation to public services isnt always a good thing.
    The real task which no-one wants to address is how to make all public services equally good. This of course tends to have the knock on effect of making the best of our public services reduce themselves to the level of mediocre to create a level playing field.
    Cherry picking the best ideas doesnt seem to work either because lets face it whats best for inner city london isnt necessarily best for rural Devon.
    I believe in investment in education, I believe that education should be free at the point of delivery to everyone to enable everyone to achieve all they are capable of achieving without restriction of social or economic barriers. I also recognise that to some individuals an academic education is not the best way to nurture and develop their talents…. the recognition of non academic talent in relation to educational achievement lags far behind traditional academia. An apprenticeship in the building industry takes 4 yrs – thats the same length of time as an honours degree and yet an honours degree carries much more weight and respectability socially than any ‘trade’. Trade qualifications are considered a poor second cousin to a degree, this is reflected in the salary or wage that a tradesperson can expect to earn during his/her working life and inspite of sensationalist headlines referring to plumbers earning more than those with academic degrees, the truth is that those lucky plumbers are the exception not the norm. Society has many misplaced values and perceptions regarding education. education for educations sake is worthless to both society and the individual in reciept of the education, knowledge needs an application before it has a value and society needs to address that education is much more than school, college or university. If we created a society of MA’s and MSc’s our society would be no better off, all we would do is devalue the achievement and expect even more from people. Blair can shout about empowerment and choice all he likes as long as he remembers to add the facts that choice is constrained by the ability to afford the choices on offer, we can empower people all we like but at the end of the day the market dictates what choices there are and how far empowerment will advance the individual depends upon the ability of the individual to achieve what he is being empowered to do. ( oh dear i have been blethering on quite a bit while eating my ice cream – sorry Ian)


    1. First of all we have to get away from the “test and measures” way of managing education.
      Because I worked in computers I understand how exactly how many of the jobs created in admin to replace industrial work are not real. So among the many challenges we have to address are the social problems of people not having meaningful work. I think this could be part of the reason for the explosion in mental health problems in the pat two decades. We have to educate people to be self stimulating and then we can start to adapt to the changing world.

      You and me ought to be on tele.


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