Beer Beer We Want More Beer

We are appalled by the news about the England cricket team. Not at the players whose boozy antics have been making headlines, but the prissy, pompous reactions to it by the managers and 57 old farts back at the MCC. The demonisation of “Freddie” Flintoff was inevitable of course, old farts never like anybody with a personality.
So Freddie took the lads on a booze – up, big deal. He’s a Northerner, its what we do on a lads night out. Let’s not forget that Freddie is a virtuoso whose performances often win matches.
With this in mind the organisation should ignore outbursts of Jane Austinishness that tabloid sports editors like to indulge in when practitioners of any sport but football behave badly.
Alternatively they could treat us to the same level of moral outrage next time a bunch of Premiership players indulge in one of their favourite party trick, either gang banging some silly, starstruck girl or kicking the shit out of an Asian student who looked at them the wrong way.
Compared to that kind of behaviour, falling of a pedalo while pissed is hardly a capital offence.

4 thoughts on “Beer Beer We Want More Beer

  1. I think the correct term is Janeism.

    And how dare you sir, blog about that poncy-cake-and-tea- drinking game when there’s foul, feckless and foolhardy footie on this eve 😉


    1. Ayup lass, art tha fra’ Surrey.
      Cricket in the northern leagues is more blood sweat and vindaloo that tea and cake.

      My fave cricket quote is a remark made by professional Yorkshireman Fred Trueman when Surrey capain Peter May remarked that Fred was rather broad in the beam Trueman replied “when tha’s gettn a big nail that needs a big ‘ammer to drive it ‘ome.”

      Compare that to football’s intellectual pearls:
      I was as sick as a parrot;
      its a game of two halves;
      is there a bung in it;

      and you will see the point. Anyway, if footy is such a man’s game at the last count how many Premiership players are out? Seems to me its most of them. I’ve always had my suspicions about all that bonhomie in the showers 😉


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