Bush Better War Leader Than Churchill?

At a recent meeting of the White House Book Club, a little PR exercise in which George W Bush gets to talk to staff about an inspiring book somebody has read for him, the President confided to his team that he is a better war leaders than Winston Churchill.

What could lead the Prez. to this view, Chuchill’s diastrous Gallipoli campaign in WW1, his mishandling of the Irish uprising, his decision to set the British Army on their countrymenin the industrial unrest of the 1920s?

Well none of the above. Chuchill, it appears, was a crappy leader because he was an agnostic, Bush is a great leader because of his one on one relationship with God.

So the Iraq catrastrophe does not matter at all if you are God’s best mate? Well that’s about right when we consider God’s track record on atroctities, genocide and inflicting misery on the poor and helpless.

In fact on considering the record of God and best buddy Bush any reasonable person would have to concur with Chuchill’s son Randolph who said “Whenever I read the Bible I can’t help thinking God! What a shit God is.”


One thought on “Bush Better War Leader Than Churchill?

  1. Look like I started it all unintentionally more than ayear ago in an article in the Comet of Nigeria before the time magazine picked it up three months later. It has to do with the chinese Calendar. Churchill and bush were both born in the year of the dog. Churchill year of the fire dog and bush year of the wood dog.. Hitler and hussian year of the ox. Hitler,year of the earth ox and saddam hussain tear of the fire ox. Of cousre I also wrote on Wole Soyinkaand his struggles against Obasanjo born in the year of the fire ox and Soyinka born in the year of the wood dog. Soyinka and Churchill both Nobel laureates .


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