Will You Be Mugged By The Labour Thieves?

The Government’s latest plan makeS euthenasia look like a good option for the approaching 70s even if they are healthy.
Were you ever tempted to think what nice caring people those New Labour robots were, the way they exhorted us to abandon our bad habits and save our spare cash for a comfortable retirement or so that we could leave a tidy sum to our surviving perners or descendants..
You poor deluded fools.
This LABOUR Government have already decimated many modest pension funds accumulated by hard working people and they plan to tax us every time we leave home. Now they are planning to tax us on living once we get too old to work, whether we are fit enough to go out for a drive or not.
Under Labour’s latest daylight robbery wheeze, inheritance tax will be 44% as it is now, but the residual amount in the pension fund at death will be taxed, starting at a rate of 70%.
So that’s 44% of everything and 70% of whats left in your pension fund. Not what is left after the taxman takes his 44% of the estate but 70% of the total value of the pension fund.
And that is the cheapest possibility, some types of pension will will be taxed more highly.
This could leave the descendants of many modestly rich people owing more in tax that they will actually inherit.
The only people to escape will be those who do not have a penny to scratch their arse with and of course Labour’s bestest buddies The Very Very Super Dooper Rich who can afford to stash their money in offshore trusts that cannot be taxed.

Oh well, goodbye savings. Open another bottle of wine and pass the fags.


2 thoughts on “Will You Be Mugged By The Labour Thieves?

  1. I’ve always thought that if you’re going to tax anyone, you might as well tax the dead people.

    I’ve also always thought that there will never be any hope of peace on earth until inheritance is banned completely.

    I mean, if you’ve been brought up by rich parents then you’ve probably had plenty of breaks in life already. You’ve had good education, help with your student living costs, probably a roof over your head when you were single and help with the deposit when you’ve needed to get a mortgage.

    If there’s anyone who needs a 1/2 million squid windfall then it’s probably not you.

    But then I’m biased. I’ve never inherited anything, nor am I ever likely to. I know that if I ever get to a state of being financially comfortably off, then I’ll have worked for it.


    1. I entirely agree with you (but my blogs are unashamedly populist,) what I have against this plan is that the government has spent 10 years telling us to give up our spendthrift ways, invest in in more expensive properties, build us a big fund for our retirement and to leave to our kids, and now they are planning to steal it all.
      We need community thinking, a good state pension for the old, good healthcare, education for life not just for work and an environment in which we are encouraged to enjoy our lives in our own chosen way because we are only here once.


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