History Lesson for Christians

There have been a lot of people recently who felt the need to go into print to tell us that Christianity has been a force for good in the last sixteen hundred years, one of the latest being humanist journo. Madeline Bunting.
Now I understand where Ms. Bunting is coming from, we all have Christian friends and understand they don’t really want to be constantly reminded what a bloodthirsty gang of thugs their predecessors were but historian A.C. Grayling felt the need to put his colleague right on a few points.
Pity he dod not have time to mention what the buggers did to Hypatia and the Library of Alexandria. I mean, Roz and Jenni are a couple of sweeties and my friend Janet is a drink on a stick, but that still does not excuse the fact that Christians dragged poor Hypatia, the most learned woman in the world, out of her office in the Library and flayed her with oyster shells while the library itself, which held the largest collection of texts in the ancient world, was burned.
And their excuse? True wisdom can only come from God through the church so everything not approved by the church (for the simple reason it had not been invented) was the work of the devil!
Those events took place around 405 AD but examine the logic and you will see many parrallels with the American fubdamentalist thinking that is dragging us towards WW3.

“Reserve your right to think for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all. To teach superstition as truth is a most evil thing” :- Hypatia of Alexandria.

6 thoughts on “History Lesson for Christians

    1. One of my history books has a chapter devoted to Hypatia. It starts with the line “Hypatia of Alexandria was quite a girl” and she was. She published learned books (scrolls) on mathematics, philosophy and astronomy. No wonder Archbishop Theophilius hated her, he believed all learning was the work of the Devil and people should not think but obey the will of God as revealed through the Bishops and priests.


  1. I don’t know how many people realise Darwin was a Christian and didn’t intend his work to rubbish the Bible… Anyone scholarly knows that the historic Jewish way of explaining a mystery was to tell a story which had God in it and I’ve told you that before so I’ll move on… These stories usually contained profound wisdom which could be meditated on by those interested in becoming closer to God and His truth, but are NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY! Gah. I’ll stop ranting now.

    I think that article is a bit OTT and the original one probably was as well, and the truth is somewhere in between.

    God bless xx


    1. That post was not really for you and Roz, it was for a fundamentalist ranter who (again) accused Pagans of being Satanists.

      When I criticise Christianity, Anglicans, Methodists Quakers and Unitarians can exclude themselves because their version does not require them to worship money.


      1. Personally I don’t believe anyone who is searching for truth will find the devil, and this is biblical: “Seek and you shall find” (Deuteronomy, Proverbs, Jeremiah, Matthew).

        Also, why do biblical fundamentalists worship money, when the Bible quite clearly tells you not to?

        God bless xx


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