The Politics of Fear and Panic

The Government’s penchant for spreading fear and panic has been a staple of both Machiavelli and Boggart Blog. But now it is official, their is a policy of fear and panic.
The Director of Public Prosecutions no less has spoken out, accusing the Government and in particular John Reid and Tony Blair of using the dissemination of rumours calculated to cause fear and panic as a means of diverting attention from their failures in most areas.
Sir Ken McDonald has thrown down the gauntlet by suggesting in a speech that the “war on terror” is just a smokescreen to cover up a systematic attack on civil liberties.
Sir Ken went on to say that a fear driven and inappropriate response to the perceived terrorist threat could lead us as a nation to abandon or respect for justice and commitment to basic human rights such as fair trials.

Which is more or less what we liberal bloggers have been saying for the past few years.

Al Qaeda Threaten Terrorist Attacks On Britain If Hate Preacher Abu Qatada Is Deported

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