Is Britain Really Racist?

Last week I posted an item on the ?Big Brother racism row in which I suggested that what we were seeing, while unpleasant was not racism but simply bullying rooted in ignorance and stupidity. It attracted some comments but not very many, to get the hundreds of comments I can draw on U.S. blog sites here at I would have to post on how unfair it is of my mum to make me tidy my room.
Still, it was gratifying to read in today’s Guardian an article by philosopher Julian Braggini backing up my view.

Braggini spent some time in Rotherham S. Yorks, studying working class culture in the Britain that lies outside the M25. He admits he was at first shocked by what he though was casual racism, then he realised the language being used was not racist as there was no hatred behind it. All that was going on was rough speech.

But don’t take my word for it, read for yourselves, and be warned Britain does not see itself as London sees Britain. I have been saying for years the view from Highgate Hill is very different to the view from Pendle Hill.

7 thoughts on “Is Britain Really Racist?

  1. I think that because of our culture and history and human nature, most of us have racist thoughts, but civilisation, kindness, courtesy and sense of fairness limits it if we do not feel threatened. I agree about casual language in working class culture and have commented on this too. Black people and those of mixed heritage can and do use what appears to be astonishingly loaded language to describe themselves.


    1. and we should not forget black and Asian people have their own slang for white people. And why not, it does not hurt to be called “goreh” (I think that’s how its spelled) or honky.
      Its when groups of people start to belive they are superior for some reason that it gets nasty.


  2. Hi Ian

    Sorry I didn’t comment on your post earlier, I have been pretty poor at blogging of late!

    I agree with what you say. I don’t condone the bullying that has gone on in BB but I don’t think it has been racism in it’s true form. If so, why no mention of Shilpa mocking the way Jo says Whales???

    I look forward to reading the guardian article, us rotherhamers are class!



    1. In addition, I know the shop he speaks of and the original “paki” who ran the shop was non other than Lord Ahmed. Who reffered to his own shop as the paki shop and was loved, and missed when he left by all the village!


      1. Yeah, the PC police seem to forget that Asians and Africans have a sense of humour. (I think the PC police are really not comfortable with how similar members of other races are to Europeans – I suppose it threatens their certainties.) They know when someone is being hateful and when someone else is just insensitive.
        My daughter worked for a housing charity in Sheffield and visited Rotherham often. From what she says it is not that different to Accrington, just a bit bigger. And I know that when people here sdpeak of Pakis they are not being racist, except for a few whose tone and attitude speaks volumes.


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