Interesting Times

“May you live in Interesting Times” goes the old Chinese curse.
We do, we do.
In the past few months the American government has been negotiating with the right – leaning regimes in new EU member nations Poland and The Czech Republic with the intention of putting “Son of Star Wars” Missile Defence Shields in those countries. In both nations public opinion polls consistently show two thirds of the population are against their nation’s involvement in America’s world domination plans.
Despite that and despite Russia’s warnings that if there is to be an American presence in bordering states it will have to “review its defence strategy” both governments are eager to go ahead. Since the break up of the Soviet Union the EU has benefitted from improving relations with Russia.
America also has plans to put “SoSW” bases in friendly Pacific Rim countries.
Only last week China tested a missile powerful enough to use as a “battering ram” that could take out spy satellites without having to carry a warhead.

In the Middle East a build up of U.S. troops and military hardware puts pressure on Iran but at the same time brings Iran (and Syria and Egypt) closer to China and Russia. Which way India and Pakistan will go is anybody’s guess, but you gan bet they will go in opposite directions.

You just have to join up the dots to see the big picture.

6 thoughts on “Interesting Times

  1. I read an account of an engineer perhaps who resigned on the project or was debunking it on the web because the missile interception was a complete joke. The Interception vehicle (IV) got hopelessly confused by multiple targets . . . most payload missiles will carry multiple warheads and “dummies” to spoof any countermeasures.

    Pentagon officials had to keep reducing the amount of warheads until they had a single, brightly identifiable target for the IV to aim at.

    When one test did manage to connet the IV with the single target, the project was deemed a “success” and green lit for further development (cue arms contractor laughing all the way to an offshore bank account).

    After a quick google, apparently congress have not approved funding for “testing with multiple warheads”. So if there’s more than one, any region “protected” by this costly windmill in the air project is proper fucked.


    1. The interceptor missile used by the Chinese was actually unarmed and was fired at a spy satellite rather than a simulated missile attack. They just whacked this old comms satellite with a big lump of iron to show that they can take out any satellites orbiting over their territory. Taking out the spy satellites would effectively “blind” the Americans as their forces rely heavily on technology.
      The Chinese have also blanked satellites with RFI and lasers. They make it clear any attempt to position a satellite over China would be regarded as a hostile act.

      So it looks like the Cinese are ahead in this game.


      1. If you pardon the pun, taking out satellites isn’t rocket science. Both sides have high power lasers if, fired from high enough in the earth’s atmos via jumbo jet or something, would happily grill a spy sat into uselessness. Actually launching a missile to hit a satellite isn’t too problematic, but less efficient than re-tasking an existing orbital asset to change paths and collide.

        Come to think of it, the Russians even sent up an armed space vehicle once, so I’m sure there’s a weaponised shuttle somewhere too.


      2. According to China watchers its not the technology of the hit that is significant but the demonstration that China will act against unauthorised invasions of its space.
        There are better ways of taking a satellite out of commission but what they did was highly visible.


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