Ice Strom Deniers hit Machiavelli Blog

A couple of days ago the blog featured a story on the Ice Storm in America’s midwest.
Predictably I had a comment from an American claiming I had my facts wrong, there was no big problem just a litte local inconvenience, not “millions over a large area of the mid-west” without power for days but 36,000 in the town of St. Louis.
America is truly a country in denial. They can’t admit anything bad happens there. In a comment Vortigern pointed out that New Orleans refugees are still housed in a barbed wire enclosure. Now if I posted that on an American site I would be getting death threats again. Nothing bad happens in America, there is no poverty in America, there is no racism in America. GOD LOVES AMERICA!
Since the post I have learned from my more liberal friends across the pond that far from overstating the problem Machiavelli had grossly understated it. From Amanda at PandangonI learned that in her hometown, Austin, Texas, they had been at a virtual standstill for three days; from Candy at buzzle I found out that over a third of the California citrus crop has been ruined by extreme cold, while Greg at gatherconfirmed that the whole state of Missouri, the surroundiung states and all points west to the coast had been affected.
That’sd one hell of a local inconvenience, but as I said to America’s right wing there can never be any admission of a problem or failing, that is a sign of weakness.
Don’t know about you but to me that sounds a lot like fascism.

2 thoughts on “Ice Strom Deniers hit Machiavelli Blog

  1. You haven’t seen the start of it yet. Wait till the environmental change really hits, then people will be parrotting Bush & Blair’s hypocrisy whilst knee-deep in water.

    “It’s not global warming, it’s arctic depression. The glaciers are feeling a bit down recently, and are throwing themselves into the sea. glub glub glub . . .”


    1. Appropriate on the “most depressing day of the year” (officially) to think the Arctic is sitting up there saying “I ought to interact with the jetstreams but I just can’t be arsed.”

      I’m showing a bit of social responsibility by sending Amerca my mum’s recipe for Lancashire Hot Pot. That will keep them going until the fuel for cooking runs out.


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