Brace Yourselves For The Invasion of Iran.

Sometime early last year Little Nicky made one of Machiavelli blogs famous predictions. (Not all my predictions come true, I just don’t mention the ones that don’t.) In posting here and at, Guardian News Blog, and other venues I said that with public opinion in the U.S. turning against him, George Bush would delay the war with Iran until after the mid term elections which would go against the republicans. He would then start banging the wardrums and launch the attack in late 2007 or early 2008, providing an excuse to declare a national emergency and suspend the Presidential elections. Well I exaggerated about the last bit to boost readership, its more likely the attack on Iran will be a last desperate gamble to swing America behind the war and ensure a republican succession.
But most of it I stand by.
There follows the opening paragraph of an article written by Dan Plesch, an expert on Middle Eastern politics. It appeared in today’s newspaper.
“The evidence is building up that President Bush plans to add war in Iran to his triumphs in Iraq and Afghanistan – and there is every sign, to judge by his warmongering speech in Plymouth last Friday that Tony Blair would be keen to join in if he were still in a position to commit British forces to the field.”


And another point of view
Double brace yourselves folks because I now predict that Blair will now delay his resignation until after the invasion of Iran in order to gamble on being asked to stay on rather than “destabilise the government in a time of crisis.” After all a change of leadership in such circumstances would be bad for morale. Wouldn’t it?

Power is a very seductive mistress, especially to those with a messianic self image.

6 thoughts on “Brace Yourselves For The Invasion of Iran.

  1. what with a quick test bombing mission in somalia last week im sure they have been scheming an invasion of iran for a while now…….

    this may bring closer an involvment with israel and if it does escalate,i believe it will be a bad day in history.

    usa would LIKE to get israel involved anyway. the build up of soldiers and hardware in israel is immense recently.

    also how will the rest of the arab states react?

    with no real nuclear detterent themselves i think for a while they will have to bow to american powers (but they aint gonna like it)

    this year we all wait with our fingers crossed tight….


    1. It will probably be a local war with regular terrorist outrages in Europe, but we can expect our standard of living to suffer.
      I don’t remember powdered egg and Wooltobn pie but I’m told they are not to be looked forward to.


  2. Sorry Ian , I feel you have over-egged the pudding. I do not believe that Bush will attack Iran for one minute. Two reason:

    1. He knows it would be a war that he could not win.

    2. He would not be able to get this past the senate.

    Not to mention the fact that certain Arab nations would go to war on Iran’s behalf and an act of aggression against Teheran would mean that the fundamentalist islamic fringe would light the blue touch paper and not stand back.

    As for the assertion that Blair would use a war like that to remain in power. That is not going to happen. Why? Because Blair will be able to make far more money as the ex-prime minister of this country than while still in the job. We all know what that sort of thing means to the Blair Pair.



    1. The attack on Iran will happen I’m sure. Why send an aircraft carrier and a stack of Patriot missiles to the gulf otherwise? Neither have any role to play in the current situation.

      The bit about Bush and Blair using it as an excuse to cling to power is entirely unsubstantiated and was a cynical ploy on my part to provoke interest. It is not unfeasible though.

      We will see.


    1. Naaaah! Lynching is to good for him.

      He should be hung drawn and quartered, various bits of him sent to all parts of the country as a reminder of what happens to Prime Ministers who put American interests before our own, and his head should be put in a spike on London Bridge as a tourist attraction for wealthy Arabs.


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