A Hotch Potch From Across The Pond

Little Nicky is becoming a global force in blogging so I get around many interesting blogs.

One subject that is dominating a lot of discussions across the pond at the moment is religious fundamentalism.

Here’s a gimpse of how rough it can get as the Liberals who have got tired of trying to be reasonable start to stand up to the rabid religious right:

Pam Spauling, Pandangon blogger, on the religious right’s attacks on the new democratically elected Democrat leaders of Congress for her support for gay rights.
Radical Gay Eggs and Ham – Pam Spaulding

A story by Pandangon’s Amanda on how the religious right are only willing to debate issues when they can control the agenda.
Massachusetts Marriage Bigots call For Positive Dialogue

From Salon.com an article on the Christian right’s infiltration of America’s social support agencies, education system and Government. This piece is wrtitten by a Christian conservative who is alert to what is happening.
War On America

And a few words from Pandangon again on the topic of hetrosexual anal sex which we freethinkers reckon should stir the fundies up as much as homosexuality.
Hetrosexual Anal Sex

Well that’s just a few to be going on with. People who think my attacks on fundamentalism should take a look at the stories and comments. You weill see that the liberal views are always rational and justifiable. RR rebuttals of those views contain threats, the vilest kind of verbal abuse relating to gender and sexual orientation.

So if you think I am a bit brutal at times be glad we’re all British. Because in America its not the liberals or us limey pinko faggots who get the worst abuse from the Religious Right. Its people who support them but are not extreme enough!

3 thoughts on “A Hotch Potch From Across The Pond

  1. I’m not surprised at all about the heterosexual anal sex thing. What I would like to read an exploration of is the fascination that today’s young (16+) women have for male homosexuality. Most of the “slash fic” I find is written by young female further and higher education students, and my 25 year old self is not impervious to its charms.

    Also, I think personal life is a lot more politicised in America. I don’t practise certain things as a response to my Christian beliefs – for example, I would not have an abortion – but I don’t want everything I don’t do to be banned.

    God bless xx


    1. I was just trying to show how rough it gets over there.

      But yeah, women and gay men. Interesting.

      I find Americans are addicts to therapy, they seem to have this thing about letting everything out. What ever happened to self restraint and good manners. But thgere is something seriously wrong in a society where there is so much anger.

      You have a refreshingly liberal attitude. I get most of my death threats from the American religious right when I post very reasoned pieces on abortion. There is just no way they are going to listen to any point of view but their own.


      1. I think people don’t recognise why they’re really angry and divert it into lots of stupid areas.

        I try and have a good attitude to other peoples’ choices, even though I wouldn’t make them myself – people have to get there in their own time, and I can’t force anyone else to have my opinion, so why use force? All I can do is share my views and hope anything I say that’s good will be taken notice of, even if it’s 30 years down the line.

        God bless xx


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