Where is America Going

It’s painful to watch what is going on in America. In the last few months there seems to have been a realisation by the non – religious people and the mainstream Christians of the danger posed by a fanatical few who are skilfully manipulating a vary large constituency of uninformed people towards some rather unpleasant goals.
Now although I get rather irritated when these people tell me “Jesus loves you Ian,” or “we can only prevent climate change by giving our lives to God,” I am sure the people who believe such stuff are genuine. (I’m rather less well disposed towards the ones who tell me I am an immoral person because morality can only come from faith in the God of the Fundamentalists…)
It is the evil bastards who fill their heads with such nonsense that pose the threat to western civilisation because they preach that there is only one acceptable religious philosophy and that America must use its military might to impose that religion on the world.
This article at Salon is a very good read. It is written by a Chistian who is very worried about where Christianity in his country is going.

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