Armpit Liberation

Armpits (or oxties if you are Scottish)are looking like the next big battleground in the ongoing war in America between Secular society and religious fundamentalism.
Are women who don’t shave their armpits or wax their bikini line lacking moral fibre. Or are the men who claim primary and secondary pubic hair is an abomination before the Lord and demand that adult women take on the appearance of prepubescent girls really just a bunch of closet pervs?

You can join the debate at echidneofthesnakes

Seems like a good one to get the argumentitive juices flowing. I do not actually have an opinion on the advantages or otherwise of removing hair but I am against women being pressured into going against nature purely to conform with some man’s self righteous obsessions.

6 thoughts on “Armpit Liberation

  1. Interesting. I always assumed most religious fundamentalists would want us hairy as God intended so we wouldn’t tempt men with Unnatural Thoughts.

    So, sounds like the Big G made a bit of a boo-boo when he created Eve but not depilatory cream!

    I’m glad that you have no principled objection to my hairy pits anyway.

    (Did you know the hair is there to stop chafing in hot weather? If we ever get any again, I shall be smiling when others are all rashy and uncomfortable. Tee hee.)


    1. It seems rather bizarre until you realise that the fundie belief is that God created the first woman, Lilith, out of all the filth and slurry and corruption that was left over from creating the rest of creation. Then seeing that his creation was corrupt and had lumps and hairs in all the wrong places big G scapped Lilith and started again. Then it gets confusing because although the two never met and did not share genes, Lilith managed to corrupt Eve with her hairiness and pheromones and make her sexy. Thus Eve was able to distracts Adam from his principle task of massaging God’s ego.

      So Fundies like their ladies hairless because grown up hair is a symbol of the sin of Eve (not because they tend have a fetish about little girls and I’m going to get killed to death by several dozen U.S. rednecks if I ever suggest such a thing in a public forum again)and they also like them peroxide blonde, heavily made up, dressed in Shirley Temple frocks (sic) and barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

      From what I see at American websites forums, that society is in a lot of trouble because unlike here, the nutters are not a minority.


      1. “peroxide blonde, heavily made up, dressed in Shirley Temple frocks (sic) and barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen” – apart from the barefoot and pregnant bit, sounds like Grayson Perry could be the answer to their dreams! LOL.


      2. Good One. I was thinking in terms of a line up of dodgy trannies on the Vanessa Feltz show.

        But yes, I’ve had a lot of verbal punch ups with guys from the Bible Belt on Amerivan websites and they do like their women to look like Barbie dolls.


  2. Human being evolved with less hair than his tree dwelling ancestors and hence he is described as the Naked Ape. Therefore, to me it seems that less the hair , the more human a person is bound to be.


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