Time To Tighten Your Green Belt

What are we to make of the Government’s plans to relax regulations that restrict building on green belt land? Is it another great step forward in building a modern , go-getting britain alble to comete in the world of the future. Or should we see this green light for property delelopers and profiteers to build what the hell they like, where the hell they like, when the hell they like as proof, if any were needed that all the weasel words about caring compassionate government, about environmental awareness and about redistributive policies to alleviate poverty are just eyewash splashed about by Blair and his sychophants. The government seem to be hellbent on creating a nation in which only the super rich can aspire to the quality of life that comes with a decent environment and hope to enjoy the dignity and self esteem that makes possible, so let us remember this is a LABOUR government and let’s remind them of the words of that grreat Labour politician Aneurin Bevan, “poverty of aspiration leads to poverty of spirit.”
Poverty of spirit, already seen among the young, the disadvantaged urban poor and some minorities will spread then as people find themselves forced into mortgage slavery until our country is as hopelessly, as horribly divided as the U.S.A. where the affluent already live in closed “communities” where they, their homes and families are protected by armed guards.
Little Nicky Machiavelli will soon launch a passive restistance website where you will beable to contribute information about big business scams going on in your area and how you may help to resist them.
And remember when labour politicians talk about “the people” they only mean the very very rich people.

2 thoughts on “Time To Tighten Your Green Belt

  1. Most interesting – our Greenbelt regulation just came into effect here this past spring, and has been quite beneficial for local development. You see, the Ontario Greenbelt encircles Toronto (as does everything in this province!), but we’re just outside the designated area. As a result, developers are willing to travel that little bit extra to invest in our region in order to avoid the Greenbelt Red tape.

    I’ll watch with interest.


    1. The worst outcome is that we end up with doughnut cities as the run down older areas in the centre are abandoned because developers find it cheaper to build greenfield developments than to redevelop former industrial and residential areas.
      I believe that is what has happened in the USA over the last quarter of a century.


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