How The Labour Rebels Lost Their Tongues

The Guardian Comment Is Free Blog yesterday featured a story asking what happened to dissent on Trident.

A blog on The Guardian’s Comment Is Free page yesterday raised the question of what has happened to the anticipated dissent in Labour ranks over the decision to renew Trident. Why are the voices of those erstwhile CND champions such as Hain, Becket, Harman, Straw, Benn so silent?

You may recall from earlier in the week my tetchiness when a commenter asked why I found it so necessary to be negative against New Labour.

Well here is the answer, this bogus party of frauds and hypocrites have betrayed every principle Labour ever stood for, assiduously sucking up to big money and big power. They have introduced stealth taxes on the poor while organising tax breaks for the rich, they have begun the breakup and privatisation of the health service, covering this betrayal by the deception of bogus statistics.
They have “reorganised” the education system constantly until the only thing holding schools together is the fact that if all the teachers left en-masse most would have difficulty finding jobs. I personally know three teachers who have taken early retirement on health grounds due to stress related problems.
Instead of being the party of peace and international co-operation they are now the party of was and oppression, slavishly following America’s isolationist foreign policies.
They have turned the police into revenue collecting bureaucrats, in the process abandoning the streets to lawlessness.
And now they plan to allow greedy property developers to tear up our green spaces and build what the hell they like where the hell they like.

But we will cover that one tomorrow.

New Labour are now well to the right of the BNP, a party that now has more political integrity than Blair’s bogus shower. Because, repugnant as the BNP’s policies are to most of us, at least they are honest enough to tell us what they really stand for.

And for anyone who wants to tell me we should be grateful we live in a free society where we can take the right to free speech for granted, before you hit the keyboard
checkout this post at New Media Cultures blog

3 thoughts on “How The Labour Rebels Lost Their Tongues

  1. I remember after Sept 11, perfectly reasonable anti-American comments being deleted whilst Americans were free to say things like “the policy of non-violent direct action is to blame for terrorism”, which was highly offensive to adherents of non-violent direct action like me (the point is that it DOESN’T kill 3,000 people a go).

    God bless, Jenni xx


    1. We’re having a private little Labour bashing party here Jenni.
      Last week at an across the pond site I had fifty hostile comments out of sisty two because I dared to suggest the Iraq occupation was going badly for America.


      1. I know… terrible. I had some very good American friends way back when – still in touch with a couple – who envied me because this country is so much more socialist than America, even if it’s going in the wrong direction right now.

        God bless xx


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