Children Will Suffer As A Result Of This Labour Fraud

Ayoop readers, oop ‘ere in ‘t north there used to be a saying “what Manchester ( / Liverpool / Leeds / Bradford etc.) does today London will do tomorrow.
Though I am as convinced as any good Lancastrian of the superiority of all things north of Birmingham I sincerely hope this is no longer true.
The area health authority responsible for Greater Manchester has in its infinite wisdom decided to consolidate the vast conurbation’s five specialised Children’s Hospitals into one. The current locations are dotted around the cities major centres (remember that as well as Manchester itself, Greater Manchester contains Bolton, Wigan, Stockport, Oldham and Salford, all big towns in their own right,) so that the families of sick children can easily visit.

The plan is a fraud, the cash crisis being blamed for these closure threats is manufactured by stupid accounting methods. And as you might have guessed there is a huge Private Finance Initiative project to replace the hospitals with one centralised unit lurking in the wings.

In future when the scheme is implemented everybody will have to travel to the same central location. The five current hospitals are delivering the first class care all sick children need and making possible that other necessity, family support. Adults may be able to rationalise a scarcity of visits with the fact that specialist services cannot be provided in all local hospitals but children need to be reassured they have not been abandoned to their illness. Modern children may come across as arrogant little gobshites but in reality but underneath they are probably more insecure and emotionally fragile than my generation were fifty years ago. And so children in hospital need a lot of support from parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings, friends and the whole extended network.
Unfortunately and inconveniently for the government bean counters behind this cost cutting scam, being ill is not confined to children from affluent, double – income families. Kids from single parent homes or of disabled, unemployed or just plain poorly paid parents are as likely, probably more likely to get sick.
Parents in such situations can ill afford frequent difficult and expensive trips across the city and so their children will suffer. No matter what we think of the parents, workshy skivers, drunken no-marks, trollops who don’t know how to keep their knickers on, it is not the children’s fault; they did not choose their parents.
As usual with this shoddy and dishonest government, deception, bureaucracy and bean counting take precedence over humane considerations.
Now the headline said children will suffer as a result. It will be difficult to link any deaths to this policy so we will have to save that for the threatened A & E closures (commented on here several weeks ago – as usual Little Nicky Machiavelli was ahead of the game) but children will suffer physical stress and parents will suffer emotional trauma as a result of the insane accounting methods this LABOUR government has imposed on the NHS in order, we believe, to prepare the health service for full privatisation based on the American model.

Read the NEWS STORY here

Little Nicky will expose the bogus accounting methods in the next few days. You know folks, when it comes to cooking the books our Government make the guys behind Enron and Worldcom look like effing amateurs

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